Sarah Palin ridicules Obama’s ‘pretty pink kaleidoscope’ on Iran: Here’s why we need Trump!

Sarah Palin stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday to denounce President Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, saying the president is living in a world of fantasy.

Thousands gathered to rally against Obama’s agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the same day Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Israel “will not see next 25 years,” according to the New York Times.

Khamenei’s remark supports Palin’s claim that the president is looking at things through a “pretty pink kaleidoscope.”

“Only in an Orwellian Obama world full of sprinkly fairy dust blown from atop a unicorn as he’s peeking through a really pretty pink kaleidoscope would he ever see victory or safety of America or Israel in this treaty,” she told the crowd.

Palin was joined by “‘Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and Republican presidential contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, among others.

And she was confident that Trump would deliver a better deal.

“Donald Trump, he’s the master of the deal, he can get things done,’ she told reporters beforehand. “And that’s part of the beauty of his campaign.”

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The former Alaska governor took a not-so-veiled shot at Obama by comparing the Iran nuclear deal with the recent decision to rename Mount McKinley back to Mount Denali.

“It’s a mistake so enormous on such a grand crony capitalism scale that I can only compare its enormity to Alaska’s Mount McKinley,” Palin said.

Palin’s speech was interrupted at one point when someone rushed the stage. Police quickly converged on the man, who was waving a paper in the air, and escorted him away. A huge security agent was seen quietly moving to Palin’s side, serving as a reminder to anyone that it was not a wise decision to get any closer.

The incident came just after Palin took what was seen as a swipe at the Black Lives Matter hate group while praising law enforcement.

“Since our president won’t say it, since he still hasn’t called off the dogs, we’ll say it: Police officers and first-responders all across this great land, we got your back! We salute you!” she said.

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