Fox News’ Monica Crowley’s inside scoop on FBI Hillary probe: Follow the White House

To Fox News contributor and Washington insider Monica Crowley, Hillary Clinton‘s real problems with the email server she used as secretary of state can be traced to […]

Sarah Palin ridicules Obama’s ‘pretty pink kaleidoscope’ on Iran: Here’s why we need Trump!

Sarah Palin stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday to denounce President Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, saying the president is living in a world of fantasy. Thousands […]

Bombshell report: Obama’s intel agencies ‘cooked’ terror reports for White House spin

Senior American intelligence agencies are deliberately skewing reports to make them line up with the Obama administration’s political spin, a blockbuster report charged Wednesday. In what is […]

Cops on HIGH ALERT for Black Lives Matter violence targeting 9/11 events

Americans will need to be extra vigilant this 9/11, due to a growing threat of violence aimed specifically against whites and cops on the nation’s sacred day. […]

Public outcry forces university to back down, allow American flags for 9/11 victims

What did the University of Illinois find so offensive about honoring the victims of 9/11? It took a public campaign via Facbook and old-fashioned telephone calls to […]

Pam Bondi press conf2
Florida Five: Pam Bondi wants expedited rape kit testing, Music mogul shakes up US Senate race

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips, plus another Obama Boulevard in the works – is your town next?

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson hits Hillary with some tough-talking advice

When “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson took the stage at Wednesday’s Stop Iran rally in Washington, he blasted President Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, […]