Hillary’s PATHETIC turnout: Fox’s Ed Henry has the pics the mainstream media won’t show

If the anemic crowd at Hillary Clinton’s Ohio campaign event Thursday morning was any indication, the presidential contender’s lame attempts at trying to come across as an “everyday American” are failing miserably.

Clinton nemesis and Fox News’ White House Correspondent Ed Henry captured the moment and posted pictures of the sparse scene before the mainstream media could spin the event into a success.

Clinton scolded Henry in August for his tough line of questioning, and told him she would only answer one of his questions because that’s what she said he was “entitled” to.

Good thing Henry was “entitled” to post more than one picture.

Way across the room apparently. And another description:

Clinton critics on Twitter ate it up:

Calculated “humor and heart” is not winning the masses over.

Some people are still holding out for the new and improved version of Hillary, and they’re willing to stick up for their gal while trying to take Henry to task.

But Henry fights back:

Even less so after today.

H/T: Twitchy.com


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