Hillary’s ‘I plead guilty’ joke ROASTED on social media; just practicing for the real thing?

hillaryDemocratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton continues to prove just how tone deaf she is with an ill-advised joke about pleading guilty.

Speaking before a sparse crowd Thursday morning in Columbus, Ohio, the embattled former secretary of state was trying to pass herself off as a middle-of-the-road candidate, oblivious to recent polls showing more than 50 percent of voters do not see her as “honest and trustworthy.”

Results that reflect the impact of her using private email accounts and a private server, to include early denials from the candidate that she didn’t handle classified information which have since proven to be untrue — a determination that may have violated federal law.

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“I’ve been accused of being a moderate,” she told the crowd. “I plead guilty.”

Yuk, yuk.

Except social media users failed to see the humor. Or the wisdom in uttering the phrase “I plead guilty” as America waits to see whether she will be indicted over the email controversy. One thing is sure, the competition will have a field day with the video clip.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the “joke” from Twitter:


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