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Fox News’ Monica Crowley’s inside scoop on FBI Hillary probe: Follow the White House

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monicaTo Fox News contributor and Washington insider Monica Crowley, Hillary Clinton‘s real problems with the email server she used as secretary of state can be traced to one source: and it’s not the conviction of the Republican Party.

“This is not some vast right-wing conspiracy, this is Barack Obama taking her out,” Crowley said on “Kilmeade & Friends” Wednesday.

Crowley has been making the case for weeks that it’s the Obama administration that is behind the take-down of Clinton and explained her reasoning.

“Remember that under this president, no investigation goes forward unless Obama wants it to go forward,” Crowley said.

“Whether it’s the IRS, or Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or VA. Every single time a scandal has exploded, this president has come out and made a big production about how outraged he was about it.

“All of those investigations came to a screeching halt because he applied the brakes,” she said.

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Political experts have speculated that Clinton is too moderate for Obama and that the president fears Clinton will not carry out his “fundamental transformation” of America — ruining his legacy.

The only reason the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails was allowed to go forward is because Obama wants it to go forward, Crowley said. Once Clinton is pushed out of the race, Crowley said, Obama will be able to get “the nominee he wants.”

Not ending there, Crowley speculated that Obama “set her up from the beginning.”

Crowley said a source told her Clinton was warned repeatedly by State Department IT personnel not to use a private server, but believes she received the “green light” from Obama to use it anyway.


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