Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s toadying for Hillary has her own party steaming

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is always a target for Republicans, but it’s fellow Democrats who are firing away at her these day for weighting the party’s nomination so heavily toward Hillary Clinton.

And the best way to do that for Wasserman Schultz so far is by rigidly limiting the number of debates for Democrats running for president.

“We are going to have six debates. Period,” Schultz, a South Florida Democrat, told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor on Thursday.

“We need to make sure we do not let the debate process get out of control,” she said.

Control is the word here.

Limiting the number of debates is key for Clinton to keep her front-runner status protected by depriving rivals of a public platform, ABC reported.

Much of the criticism has come from Democrat presidential contender Martin O’Malley and his supporters — whoever they are.

O’Malley was joined by two DNC vice chairs on Wednesday in the call for more exposure and debates, according to ABC.

But Wasserman Schultz doubled down with the newly implemented “exclusivity clause.” The clause states that DNC candidates have to stick exclusively with the six DNC-sanctioned debates or be “uninvited” to subsequent debates. (The totalitarian mindset in action.)

Social media users were on to the political game:

Heavily controlled and regulated, even from within the party.

Speaking of…

Stay tuned.

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