Why this video captured so many hearts says a lot about what we’ve become

An act of love caught on video is taking the Internet by storm. But the question is, “why?”

Uploaded Monday on YouTube, the 30-second clip shows an unidentified elderly man meeting his beloved at an airport lobby, presumed to be in the U.S, and greeting her with a loving embrace and a kiss.

Elderly Airport Couple

Is chivalry so uncommon that millions of people felt compelled to spread a video far and wide just because it shows an elderly man giving flowers and a card to an elderly woman at an airport?

Elderly Airport Couple

While it is adorable, shouldn’t it be a scene people are used to? Or has showing love in public become so uncommon that this video has surprised millions?

Elderly Airport Couple

Watch the entire 30-second clip below and sound off in the comments below as to why you think this video has gone viral.

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Carmine Sabia


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