Obama uses Tom Brady, fresh off cheating scandal, as union poster boy

Leave it to President Barack Obama to always align himself with the more dubious of choices.

Granted, he was in the player’s Boston backyard, but Obama used New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, fresh off his victory over the NFL in the cheating scandal “Deflate-gate,” as a poster boy to prop up unions, according to CNN.

“Brady’s free,” Obama said on Labor Day. “Even Brady’s happy he’s got a union. They had his back. You know if Brady needs a union, we definitely need unions.”

Brady took advantage of generous union protections established by the National Football League Players Association to nullify a four-game suspension resulting from the scandal that arose over under-inflated footballs.

So was Obama trying to say if Americans want to get away with cheating, they should join a union?

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Of course, with a net worth of $120 million and an annual salary of $26.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, not to mention four Super Bowl wins, it’s safe to say that Brady would do just fine without a union.

As the New York Post noted, one thing Brady brings to mind is how “union privilege” makes it nearly impossible to fire public-sector employees, regardless of how incompetent and corrupt they may be.

Social media users were not so quick to buy in to the president’s propaganda. Here’s a small sampling of responses from Twitter:


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