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Nancy Pelosi vouches for Hillary’s integrity? Now, THIS is funny

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A Nancy Pelosi interview with Bloomberg News last week gives a pretty good idea of why the California Democrat is no longer speaker of the House.

She has clearly lost it — and social media users are nailing her on it.

“I have confidence in Hillary Clinton and her integrity,” Pelosi said, managing a straight face while mouthing the impossible regarding the former secretary of state’s continuing scandal over using a private email server during the four years she served as America’s top diplomat.

“I feel very confident she did not receive or send any email that was marked ‘classified,’” Pelosi said.

Leave aside Pelosi’s laughable confidence in Hillary’s integrity – a confidence not shared by an American public that considers Hillary “untrustworthy” and generally associates her name with the word “liar,” among other unpleasant phrases.

The Democrats’ leader in the House apparently wants the country to believe that she believes that the secretary of state of the world’s most powerful country never receives or sends emails that would be considered “classified.”

Nancy Pelosi spent her two years as House speaker under President Obama foisting Obamacare onto the American people, famously saying lawmakers had to pass that monstrous bill so the country could see what was in it.

She got away with it, so she can be forgiven for having a low opinion of her countrymen.

But not even she can’t think the American people are this stupid. Check out the video, then see the social media remarks that follow.


Unfortunately, she’s fit to represent the Democrat citizens.

During the Obama administration? Is that even a question?

We already know the answer to that.




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