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Iran’s Khamenei taunts US, Israel: ‘You will not see next 25 years’

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Iran’s supreme leader is again making fools out of the U.S. for reaching a deal with the terrorist nation.

On Wednesday, Ayatollah Kahmenei went on a Twitter tirade calling America the great Satan and promising there would be no Israel left in 25 years, all while making it crystal clear that his regime dictated the negotiations.

As Congress gets set to vote on the Iran Deal, and President Obama enjoys enough support to have his veto power stand should Congress reject the deal, will these threatening tweets do anything to change the minds of the president, Secretary of State John Kerry or those Democrats who support the deal?

Highly unlikely.

Here’s more from the man whose regime we are about to give billions of dollars to with the lifting of sanctions.

Twitter users were quick to express bewilderment as to how we could negotiate with this regime.

Carmine Sabia


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