Firefighter used cellphone,‘Happy Feet’ to comfort 4-year-old accident victim

Happy Feet AccidentA touching photo captured the moment a Mississippi firefighter went beyond the call of duty to calm a young boy who was in a serious accident.

A mother and her five children were victims of a horrific crash Saturday when she and three of the children were ejected from their vehicle as it went off an exit ramp on Interstate 95, flipping several times, according to the New York Daily News.

Two children, a four year old boy and his sister who were pulled from the car, received only minor scratches.

But as the four-year-old waited on a stretcher for an ambulance, he was understandably scared.

That’s when firefighter Casey Lessard went over to the child and showed him a clip from the 2006 animated Pixar film “Happy Feet,” on his cell phone.

Happy Feet Fireman

The boy was the last to be transported to the hospital and was scared for the safety of his family as he lay on the stretcher. But the movie helped, at least temporarily.

Captain Darren Peterson told the Daily News that the child “went from crying to instantly calm,” though it did not last long.

“He was still scared,” Lessard told the News. “He watched (the movie) for a little bit with me, but then he’d go back to fidgeting and worrying about his family.”

According to a GoFundMe page set up to help the family deal with the financial burdens they face as a result of the accident, the mother suffered several broken bones, including her spine, but has managed to take some steps.  Two of the children remain in critical condition.


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