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Checkmate! Trump turns leftist actor Robert Redford’s critical trash-talk into PRO-Trump ad!

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trump-redfordTalk about taking a lemon and making lemonade.

In a classic example of turning a negative into a positive, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump took a stinging soundbite directed at him from left-wing actor-director Robert Redford and made it into an ad promoting his candidacy.

Redford appeared on “Larry King Now” last week, and the Hollywood moonbat commented on Trump’s bid for the White House.

“He’s got such a big foot in his mouth, I’m not sure you could get it out,” Redford said. “But on the other hand, I’m glad he’s in there because him being the way he is, and saying what he says the way he says it, I think shakes things up and I think that’s very needed. Because on the other side it’s so bland, it’s so boring, it’s so empty.

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“It’s like, come on, you guys,” he added. “You’re making us feel foolish, just having to watch you.”

A snip here, a cut there, and Trump posted this brilliant meme on social media:


The meme served to confuse some into thinking Redford actually endorsed Trump — which may have been the point behind it — while others weren’t too keen about Redford’s so-called support. In any case, the move could pull a few Democrat votes Trump’s way that he might not have gotten otherwise.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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