Casting call made for Hispanic or Asian actors to create Trump ‘smear video’

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Photo Source Entertainment Weekly

Call it the anti-Trump troupe.

A group of actors will be putting their talents to use on Wednesday to produce a “smear video” about Republican front-runner Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post.

The newspaper reported on Tuesday it obtained an email stating that an undisclosed private group is behind the production, which will feature “actors of Hispanic or Asian backgrounds solemnly reading short lines against a white background.”

“Essentially this video is similar to reading tweets like ‘I am a criminal,’ ‘I am an anchor baby,’ etc.,” the communique stated. “We only have 25 spots.”

The Post reported on the origins of the email:

The e-mail was sent last week to a network of actors associated with TalentDirect LLC, a talent agency that connects Hollywood, commercial and corporate clients with actors in southern Florida.


“To be clear, we’re not part of the production and we’re probably not the only company involved,” he told the Post. “We’re a talent agency, not a casting office, and our job is to keep talent informed about possible opportunities.”

The email was a casting call for “Male/Female Hispanic, [Latinos], Asians, All ages (Kids 4 years to Adults 80 years).”

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“Our client hired us to shoot a smear video against Donald Trump,” wrote Erik Van Bilderbeek, the author of the email. “This is acting, so it doesn’t matter about political affiliations. This is a web commercial, not for broadcast.”

Van Bilderbeek is an assistant booker at the talent agency, according to the Post.

Adding insult to injury, the video is being filmed in Trump’s backyard in Florida.

“This will be [filmed] in a studio on white background, multiple focal lengths with the people saying multiple lines in Fort Lauderdale,” the email said.

The only question that remains is, who’s behind it? With several Republican candidates soft on illegal immigration, it’s just as likely coming from a GOP “ally” as it is from a Democrat source.


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