Camerawoman fired for kicking and tripping refugees being chased by police


A Hungarian camerawoman was reportedly fired after inserting herself into the story she was covering on the Syrian refugee crisis.

She was  caught on video tripping and kicking Syrian refugees as they fled from police near the Hungarian-Serbian border.

The woman, identified as Petra Laszlo, worked for Hungarian news outlet N1TV and was filming along with other journalists, as the refugees ran across a field near the village of Röszke, pursued by Hungarian police.

In this video, the woman can be seen tripping a man as he ran, with a child in his arms.

Here, Laszlo was captured on video kicking and tripping other refugees as they fled.

N1TV is run by the “far-right” Jobbik party, which is known for its anti-immigration stance, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

N1TV reported via its Facebook page that Laszlo had been terminated, effective immediately.


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