‘Fox & Friends’ grills State Dept. spokesman on new ’email czar’ — who gives money to Hillary

The “email czar” picked to oversee the release of thousands of documents involving the Hillary Clinton email scandal is a Hillary supporter who’s already made the maximum […]

Nancy Pelosi vouches for Hillary’s integrity? Now, THIS is funny

A Nancy Pelosi interview with Bloomberg News last week gives a pretty good idea of why the California Democrat is no longer speaker of the House. She […]

Gun-grabber bill aims to make criminals of private gun sellers; social media fires back

A gun-grabbing Democrat senator is taking new aim at private citizens who sell guns — trying to turn them  into criminals if a gun buyer turns out […]

Caught on video: She speeds through a school zone, then acts like this?

For a quick glimpse at the kind of headaches cops deal with every day, check out a dashcam video released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. […]

UFC champion Ronda Rousey to star in remake of Patrick Swayze’s ‘Road House’

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s female sensation and all around badass Ronda Rousey is set to take on an iconic movie role. Variety reported Wednesday that Rousey, who is […]

Why this video captured so many hearts says a lot about what we’ve become

An act of love caught on video is taking the Internet by storm. But the question is, “why?” Uploaded Monday on YouTube, the 30-second clip shows an […]

Firefighter used cellphone,‘Happy Feet’ to comfort 4-year-old accident victim

A touching photo captured the moment a Mississippi firefighter went beyond the call of duty to calm a young boy who was in a serious accident. A […]

Obama uses Tom Brady, fresh off cheating scandal, as union poster boy

Leave it to President Barack Obama to always align himself with the more dubious of choices. Granted, he was in the player’s Boston backyard, but Obama used […]

Checkmate! Trump turns leftist actor Robert Redford’s critical trash-talk into PRO-Trump ad!

Talk about taking a lemon and making lemonade. In a classic example of turning a negative into a positive, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump took a stinging […]

Bravo to this group! Clever street posters pop up ahead of Trump/Cruz rally

In a short 6 1/2 years, President Barack Obama has managed to turn America on its head in more ways than one. The most recent example of this is, […]

Police thank man who videotaped them using extreme force on man in Maryland McDonalds

This is a switch. Police in Maryland are thanking a man who posted a video on social media of officers using extreme force — because it clearly […]

Jets receiver says Tom Brady got free pass because he’s white; ‘Black Players Matter?’

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is just the latest NFL player who can can thank “white privilege” for saving him from league discipline, a New York […]