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‘The VA is lying’: Fla veteran spends own money on BOLD billboards warning that VA is killing people

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Roger GagnonA Florida Marine veteran is making his displeasure with the Department of Veterans Affairs known in a big way, while trying to start a national movement to improve veterans’ healthcare.

Roger Gagnon, who served in Beirut in the 1980s, has paid out of his own pocket to place a dozen billboards nationwide, including several in his home state, which read “The VA Is Lying. Veterans Are Dying!

It’s not a cheap undertaking by any means, but one Gagnon says is necessary.

“It’s literally a life or death situation,” Gagnon told WFTV.

The billboard he placed in Orlando cost him $775, while one in Daytona Beach topped $1,400. He also has two others.

Gagnon said he currently helps veterans deal with the VA through a Facebook group he runs called, not surprisingly, “The VA is Lying.”

“I help guys get their claims through, help them though the process,” he told WFTV.

He figured out how to do so by dealing with his own regular visits that were needed to help control a seizure condition, according to WFTV.

Though he should have seen a doctor every three to four weeks,  Gagnon said he was pushed back to every six weeks, which ultimately resulted in him collapsing outside his home and slipping into a coma.

“The VA says they have the waiting period down to less than 30 days. There’s another lie,” Gagnon told WFTV.

“When I was let go from the hospital, I was told see a neurosurgeon in three days. I saw a neurosurgeon three months later,” he said.

Gagnon put up three signs in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday, ahead of a veterans’ conference in the area on Tuesday because he wants to bring attention to his mission.

“The VA is killing people every single day,” he said.

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