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Switch to decaf, lady! MSNBC regular flips out over possible President Biden

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biden picThere’s at least one liberal who’s not going to let Joe Biden’s racially charged comments about President Obama go by the wayside.

MSNBC regular guest and author Rebecca Traister nearly went off the deep end when the panel mentioned the possibility of Biden getting into the presidential race on Saturday’s “Melissa Harris Perry Show.”

“That hilarious thing [Biden] said about President Obama, about him being clean and bright and articulate, that was appalling,” Traister said.

Traister started out with some kind words for Biden, but it didn’t take long for her to launch into a bitter diatribe about the man who may seek to take Clinton’s place as the Democratic presidential nominee.

“I love Joe Biden. I think everybody should run for president. I wish there were more nominees. OK? Great. Get in the game,” Traister began.

“But the perception of him as a great alternate to Hillary I think is super flawed. I think we have to recognize why he’s comforting to us. Every one of Hillary’s flaws, save for being married to Bill Clinton, Joe Biden has and then some.”

Traister then went into a litany of Biden “offenses” before bringing up the vice president’s racial remarks from eight years ago that surely would have doomed a Republican candidate’s chance of running for office.

Biden had called his running mate at the time “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Traister ended her MSNBC spot with a bit of racially charged commentary herself.

“So what I’m saying is the reasons that he looks appealing to us are because he looks like a president, which is why he’s Barack Obama’s vice president. He is a comforting mainstream white dude. Which is why he ran with Obama,” Traister said.

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