Rupert Murdoch makes big prediction for presidential race after Labor Day

Business magnate Rupert Murdoch made a big and bold prediction over the weekend about who might be the most formidable Democratic nominee for president, and Hillary Clinton won’t be happy to hear it.

After Vice President Joe Biden’s fiery speech at Pittsburgh’s Labor Day parade on Monday, Murdoch tweeted that Biden will be the nominee to beat.

Biden wooed a union crowd by denouncing the county’s current economic condition – an economy that Biden has helped preside over for nearly eight years.

The crowd lit up after Biden slammed everything from “trust fund babies” to “income inequality.”

“The tax code’s not fair. It’s simply not fair,” Biden said. “The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. There used to be one America.”

“Today, 1 percent of Americans owns 40 percent of all wealth in America,” Biden said. “It’s the way the tax code has been set up. I’m hot — I acknowledge that. I’m mad, I’m angry.”

The union members ate it up chanting, “Run, Joe run!” and “Give it a go, Joe!” according to the New York Post.

It’s that kind of talk and reaction that has Murdoch and political pundits speculating that it won’t be long before Biden throws his hat into the presidential contender ring.

But not everyone is convinced Biden’s potential candidacy would be hard to beat.


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