‘McJobless in Seattle’ as order screens arrive: Labor Day reality check for $15 minimum wage


While it seems liberals may think that raising the minimum wage will raise living standards for poor Americans, they should have seen this coming.

With Los Angeles joining Seattle in setting a $15 minimum wage (Los Angeles by 2020, and Seattle by 2021), it stands to reason that McDonald’s would find a way around simply paying workers more, as  Vox pointed out the obvious fact that “the reality is that McDonald’s just wants to make money.”

In a very real-world example of big business’ response to liberal policies, a conservative Twitter user sent Labor Day wishes from McDonald’s workers whose minimum wage never goes up.

McDonald’s has unveiled its plan to use touch-screen technology in self-service kiosks where customers can order and pay for their food.

According to a Business Insider report last month, McDonald’s franchisees see the minimum wage issue as “a major threat to the survival of the operator community,” and are encouraging the company to put “every resource available” into reducing labor costs through technologies such as kiosks and automatic fry dispensers.

Liberals never learn.

The only question remaining is how many jobs have liberal policies just killed?

Of course, the liberal answer to failed liberal policies is…more liberal policies.

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Steve Berman

Steve Berman

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been starting and running businesses for 25 years. Writing about conservative causes is his passion.
Steve Berman


361 thoughts on “‘McJobless in Seattle’ as order screens arrive: Labor Day reality check for $15 minimum wage

  1. Cliff Clavin says:

    As with everyting else businesses will adjust to the regulatoins, taxes and other mandates. They responed to the high taxes in the US by moving overseas. They adjusted to 0bamacare by cutting back on the number of employees and the number of hours they worked.

    Now they will adjust to the $15 per hour minimum wage by looking at other solutions. Once the cost of having employees exceeds the cost of technology, technology will put people on the unemployment line.

    Of course the people who work at McDonalds will not be eligible for the higher paying jobs of fixing the technology because they don’t have any skills except for taking orders for fast food.

  2. David Harrison says:

    ha ha!!!, you libs wanted it, now you got it.

  3. TeaBo says:

    Real robots could replace the mind-numb robots in the workforce. They work for nothing and probably do a better job.

  4. Katherine Farmer Griffith says:

    Taxpayers are subsidizing these big corporations right now, when they don’t pay their workers enough to live on YOUR TAXES are making up the difference. Do you think a single mother with no education from a poverty stricken neighborhood who can only get a minimum wage job isn’t getting any government assistance? This is not a effort to do anything but make major corporations pay a wage that keeps these people off the welfare rolls. The $15 minimum is going to keep your taxes from going toward supporting these people and isn’t that what you guys are always shouting about? “Get a job, get off welfare!!” where in most cases getting a job doesn’t mean getting off welfare. Way to go crying over people making a effort to give you what you say you want.

  5. Nibor says:

    If $15/h results in less jobs, $19/h should fix it.

  6. Abby Ganzon says:

    In all seriousness, where can I get one of these order kiosks ? Who cares about these policy makers. We business owners put our savings, money, hard work, house, all out on the business, we are not going to let ANYONE destroy it. What happened to the American Dream? Why someone else’s has to destroy ours?
    I need several right now. If you are a sales, please post your contact here. Greatly appreciated!!!

  7. Mainlander says:

    McDonalds work is not meant to be a career. Not that long ago it was PREDOMINANTLY high school kids working there. Nobody has to be told who works there now.

  8. This article does not show failed liberal policies. It shows the authors ignorance of how technology has slowly been taking jobs over. I bet the author even smugly thinks that his job is safe from being taken over by a machine.

  9. Bob Cipnic says:

    A clear political divide between the FB commenters & Bizpac loyalists !

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