Fox News panel on Kim Davis’ lawyer: ‘Stunningly obtuse’ or ‘just ridiculously stupid’?


Lawyers for Kim Davis have appealed the contempt ruling which sent her to jail last week for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, but Fox News host Gregg Jarrett had a problem with one lawyer’s statement, calling it “stunningly obtuse.”

On Monday’s broadcast, Jarrett, a former lawyer who still maintains his law license, and his guest, criminal defense attorney Sharon Liko, criticized Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney representing the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who was willing to suffer jail rather than back down from her Christian views.

Staver said in regard to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage that “it’s really questionable in terms of whether they even have any constitutional authority to do so.”

“Whether the Supreme Court has constitutional authority?” Jarrett said, his voice rising.

“Article 3, section 2,” he continued, “gives the Supreme Court constitutional authority to decide constitutional issues.”

“Was that a stunningly obtuse statement by her attorney?” Jarrett asked.

Nodding in agreement, Liko answered, “That is a very polite way of putting it.”

“I would say it’s just a ridiculously stupid statement,” she said.

The exchange occurs at the 4 minute mark. Watch the entire segment on video below.

Steve Berman


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