Civilians jump in to rescue deputy under attack: ‘That boy would have killed him’

polkcounty0908newHere’s one for the Black Lives Matter rabble to chew on, and the rest of America to cheer.

A Florida sheriff’s deputy attacked by a driver during a traffic stop got some unexpected help from three civilians — one black and one Hispanic — who refused to let that happen to a cop. The cop was white; his attacker was black.

The incident took place about 9 a.m. Sunday, when Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Walsh pulled over a man named Corey Johnson for running a stop and almost hitting the service motorcycle Walsh was riding.

The routine traffic stop turned vicious almost immediately, witnesses told WFLA.

“The boy, he just knocked the officer back off of the door then got on top and started whaling on him, started hitting him, knocked him down to the ground,” said George Cooper, who told the station he was passing by on his way to breakfast.

Johnson was also grabbing for the deputy’s gun.

Cooper said he jumped out of his truck and began chasing Johnson, with the help of another man, Antonio Velasquez, who witnessed the attack.

“I just park my truck in the middle of the road. I run to them and he’s really fast, so I kick him and I punch him and he’s going to the ground,” Velazquez said. “I see he’s in trouble so I just have to stop and help. Even if he’s not a police officer, I would do it for anybody.”

A third man helped subdue Johnson until Walsh could handcuff him, according to WFLA.

“That boy probably would have killed him,” Cooper said.




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