‘In God We Trust’ police decals not going away, sheriff has a ‘suggestion’ for atheist bullies

In an era of vicious anti-police rhetoric — and sometimes fatal assaults on men and women in uniform — more and more law enforcement agencies across the […]

‘Tips for Jesus’ drops $3,000 tip on Utah waitress; reaction is priceless

What had proved to be a slow day at work turned out to be one a Utah waitress will not forget any time soon. Breanne Snow, a server […]

How to skin a watermelon: We’ve been doing it all wrong

Skinning certain fruits is a common practice but it’s doubtful many people ever thought of peeling this fruit. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and YouTube video […]

Fla. cops sit through training on how to properly identify dead transgenders

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, are being given a lesson in how to not “misgender” people they interact with. “If you would’ve told me 25 years ago […]

Fla. cops make headlines for what they did with Arby’s free ‘apology meals’

Coral Springs police Officers Jonathan Greenleaf and Tyler Reik are drawing lots of attention . . .

Presidential candidate wants US to take on 65,000 refugees; some say take care of America first

While the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis is bringing some European countries to their knees trying to deal with the influx of migrants, at least one Democrat believes […]

Awkward band routine or ‘best college prank ever’? K-State’s apology even funnier

Kansas State football fans were treated to an unusual marching band formation during the halftime show—intended to be a starship (or was it?)—gone horribly wrong in Saturday’s football game […]

Madonna’s gay brother defends jailed clerk: ‘Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners’

Christopher Ciccone, the openly gay brother of pop legend Madonna, took to Facebook over the weekend to voice his support for Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who […]

‘Oh, you good, I only rob white people’: Violent carjacker passes up victim because he wasn’t white

It’s tough to imagine a carjacking becoming a comedy routine, but an alleged carjacker in Detroit who announced he only robs white people pulled it off. The incident occurred Tuesday as 24-year-old […]

‘Hillary’ replaces ‘Jesus’ after women’s choir butchers gospel tune

Perhaps there’s a more “divine” reason why Hillary Clinton continues to struggle on the campaign trial. Obama’s most ardent supporters once looked upon the president as if he […]

Obama celebrates Labor Day by signing another executive order

People traditionally spend Labor Day doing something they enjoy and President Obama appears to be sticking to tradition. While many will spend Labor Day barbecuing, the president will be celebrating by doing […]

Ouch! Polls have Sanders up 9 points over Hillary in New Hampshire; gaining in other states

Poor Hillary looks sad. Sunday was a depressing day for Hillary Clinton on Labor Day weekend, as NBC released its latest poll results which show Sen. Bernie Sanders crushing her in […]