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Ouch! Polls have Sanders up 9 points over Hillary in New Hampshire; gaining in other states

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hillary_nh_leftPoor Hillary looks sad.

Sunday was a depressing day for Hillary Clinton on Labor Day weekend, as NBC released its latest poll results which show Sen. Bernie Sanders crushing her in New Hampshire by 9 points.

Clinton also lost ground in Iowa, suggesting that the two earliest voting states are quickly swinging away from the scandal-plagued former first lady, according to a pair of new NBC News/Marist Polls.

In New Hampshire, the Vermont senator gets the support of 41 percent of Democratic voters, Clinton gets 32 percent and Vice President Joe Biden gets 16 percent. No other Democratic candidate receives more than 1 percent.


Just one month ago, July’s NBC/Marist poll had Clinton leading Sanders by 10 points, with Biden at 12 percent.  Removing Biden—who hasn’t even announced he’s running—from the poll increased Clinton’s lead to 11 points.

In Iowa, Clinton’s lead over Sanders has diminished from 24 points in July to 11 points in the new polls, free-falling from 49 percent to 38 percent.

But Sanders didn’t pick up Clinton’s lost voters—Biden did.

Sanders remained steady in Iowa, increasing from 25 percent to 27 percent, making Biden the fastest-rising non-candidate in the midwest.

Watch the video from “Meet the Press” below.

Steve Berman


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