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‘Oh, you good, I only rob white people’: Violent carjacker passes up victim because he wasn’t white

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It’s tough to imagine a carjacking becoming a comedy routine, but an alleged carjacker in Detroit who announced he only robs white people pulled it off.

The incident occurred Tuesday as 24-year-old Brandon Lamar Williams approached two men inside a 2015 Ford Fusion with a revolver in each hand, demanding an Apple Watch, jewelry and a bag from the first victim, according to the Detroit News.

He then pointed a gun at the second victim and pulled the trigger three times, but the gun jammed, according to the FBI.

That’s when the hapless hoodlum pointed a gun at the first victim’s neck and demanded they “get out and leave the laptop,” according to court records filed Friday.

Williams struck the first man in the face with a gun as he got out of the car, breaking his nose.

Brandon Lamar Williams

Once behind the wheel, Williams tried in vain to get the car to move, not realizing the parking brake was on.

When a good Samaritan walking by thought Williams was having car trouble and advised him that his parking break was on, Williams pointed a gun at him too.

The startled man put his hands up, but Williams assured him “Oh, you good, I only rob white people,” according to court records, the News reported.

Williams continued his botched getaway by jumping out of the Fusion and getting back into a previously robbed Jeep Liberty he parked close to the scene. But when he backed up, he hit the Fusion and got stuck on a median.

As a police car arrived at the scene, Williams was able to speed off at 90 mph — but his escape was short lived.

He hit another car headed south, flipped the Jeep three times and slammed into two utility poles.

Williams suffered facial injuries and was taken to a hospital after being arrested.

He faces federal carjacking and firearm charges, with possible penalties of 25 or more years, according to the News.

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