Obama celebrates Labor Day by signing another executive order

King-ObamaPeople traditionally spend Labor Day doing something they enjoy and President Obama appears to be sticking to tradition.

While many will spend Labor Day barbecuing, the president will be celebrating by doing one of his favorite things– making a kingly decree.

The president will sign an executive order Monday ordering paid sick leave for employees of federal contractors.

Under the order, employees will receive one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked, up to seven days for a calendar year.

How much the order will end up costing federal contractors was not addressed by the White House.

The law will take effect in 2017, after Obama has left office.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


478 thoughts on “Obama celebrates Labor Day by signing another executive order

  1. durabo says:

    That’s what dictators do: they rule by edict. Hitler. Stalin. Kim. Peron. Chávez. Ortega, etc. No difference.

    1. RealityBites says:

      So President Obama wants to ensure the rights of others and all the haters want to do is complain. How typical

      1. Scott Stroman says:

        We just love watching King Barry exceed his Constitutional authority. And you can stuff that “hater” crap. It is a word used to try and silence dissent and disagreeing opinions.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Oh yeah not unlike the “free speech zones” that were set up when ol dubya was in office, and were far enough away that he did not hear any of it?

          1. Al Gee Brah says:

            free speech zones started in the 90’s by the clinton’s. get your facts straight, homo.

          2. RealityBites says:

            Nice try but I am straight. Your little cheap shot negates ypur spew

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            Your claims on anything and everything are not credible. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, swims like a duck, then according to you, it is a homophobic white hater.

          4. RealityBites says:

            No your spews are not credible in the least but you have real issues

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            You a psychiatrist or psychologist? Even they don’t have the credentials to judge anyone by your skewed interpretations……..

          6. Rip Rogers says:

            That is where you need to be.
            Anti Americans such as your self need Express Deportation. There is no place here for you or yours.

          7. RealityBites says:

            NOT SORRY but I am American born and bred. You on the other hand…………..

          8. Rip Rogers says:

            Then you have had a brain and heart transplant?
            You are not an American!

          9. RealityBites says:

            You are so dead wrong its actually very sad

          10. Rip Rogers says:

            Well, go in corner and cry…

          11. RealityBites says:

            Why would I do something like that when I am right?

          12. handsoff1944 says:

            Only in your deluded limited reasoning……

          13. handsoff1944 says:

            being born in the US and raised here obviously did not “breed” any sense of what being a loyal US citizenship entails. You, like the communist american Frank Marshall Davis, bo’s main mentor/teacher can be and apparently are, Anti american in the real sense of not seeing what your lib/dem/prog agenda and lack of understanding of the original intention of the Founders in framing the Constitution for the Republic, is doing to undermine this country’s liberties of the individual.

          14. antilib says:

            You have a right to freedom of speech. You do NOT have a right to be heard.

          15. PatriotGal says:

            antilib, love your post!!!

          16. RealityBites says:

            I will continue to speak out and make myself heard

          17. JS says:

            No one can hear you they are laughing so loud at you.

          18. RealityBites says:

            Only those of low intellect laugh at smart people. You are obviously one of them

          19. handsoff1944 says:

            You have no humility and you don’t get to decide for the rest of us that you are the only smart one. WE don’t agree with you…..

          20. RealityBites says:

            Thank you for confirming your subscription to the ignorance is bliss philosophy. No wonder you don’t agree with the educated

          21. handsoff1944 says:

            Your posts do not indicate you have any education……..

          22. RealityBites says:

            No your spews do not indicate that you have a microounce of working brain cell, much less any kind of education. If you pay attention, you will find that I am infinitely smarter than you

          23. handsoff1944 says:

            In your unreal universe, you see only what you want to. Your insults do not amount to proof of any education or infinite smarts. You have made no arguments at all, much less logical ones. Does not take smarts to see that.

          24. RealityBites says:

            You described yourself again, and perfectly I might add

          25. handsoff1944 says:

            You are “perfect” in no description……

          26. RealityBites says:

            No you’re not

          27. antilib says:

            And we will continue to not care.

          28. RealityBites says:

            We already know you would rather be ignorant than educated on the real world

          29. Josef Roesler says:

            Bush was a piece of sh|t RINO no one wanted in office. Are you still crying about Bush? Next.

          30. RealityBites says:


        2. Glen Corona says:

          Bozo`s bankrupting all small businesses that is the back bone of American Economy.

      2. Eric G says:

        How typical. Anyone criticizing the president is a hater. It’s so nice to know you personally are aware of what is in a person’s heart based on their assessment of a political leader and the constitutionality of their actions.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Yeah its nice when someone is not afraid to stand up and speak the truth isn’t it. For a President who has had to deal with a lot of crap President Obama sure knows how to shake it off pretty well

          1. Eric G says:

            I don’t exactly know how that relates to your calling people who criticize the president haters for just that reason, but I’m not surprised. A change of subject matter as strategy instead of defending the original supposition? Boy, I sure didn’t see that one coming.

          2. RealityBites says:

            You mean consistently telling the truth?

          3. Eric G says:

            Brick wall, brick wall. Convince yourself you debated the issue you initially stated with facts, evidence, and backup. Now I know why our country is in so much trouble. Thanks for playing.

          4. RealityBites says:

            Wow those of us who stick to the truth don’t usually talk those who are motivated by hatred into a corner so fast.

          5. antilib says:

            Haven’t heard any ‘truth’ from you yet. Won’t hold my breath.

          6. RealityBites says:

            You wouldn’t know truth of it walked up to you, so therefore I am not surprised

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            Truth is that property of those propositions whose referent state of affairs is as the proposition asserts it to be.
            Your comments have no relationship to truth.

          8. RealityBites says:

            No your spews against me have no relationship to any kind of “truth” except your pathetic version. I know you hate the President but keep the stupidity to a minimum

          9. PatriotGal says:

            Reality, mother always told me that when you point one finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back to yourself. Perhaps you should keep that in mind when you post.

          10. RealityBites says:

            Funny funny fffffuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Truth is somehow “pointing the finger” now????

          11. handsoff1944 says:

            Any corner is the place your ad hominems have placed you. Truth is that property of those propositions whose referent state of affairs is as the proposition asserts it to be.
            Your comments have no relationship to truth.

          12. RealityBites says:

            No your comments are the complete polar opposite of the truth, but I have long since figured out that all you want to do is be annoying and refuse to learn anything

          13. JS says:

            I have long since figured out that all you want to do is be annoying and refuse to learn anything. How do you like that? That description fits you perfectly.

          14. RealityBites says:

            Yep it fits you alright

          15. handsoff1944 says:

            That applies to you as many people can see. I have forgotten more than you will ever learn and I still know 1000% more than you ever will, since you fail to learn or listen or hear the truth, much less facts and cannot respond with logic or fact to anyone-all you can do is insult and employ logical fallacies and not even are you very good at that….

          16. RealityBites says:

            LMAO I have some STUPID crap today but you have got to be the ULTIMATE in stupid

          17. handsoff1944 says:

            Coming from the ignorant you are, it is the “ultimate” compliment. Anything you say is stupid, has to be the opposite.

          18. RealityBites says:

            CONGRATULATIONS YOU FINALLY GOT ONE RIGHT!!! You finally recognize that anything you think is stupid is indeed the opposite. About time you recognized the validity of other people’s opinions even if they do not agree with yours.

          19. handsoff1944 says:

            I allow others their opinions. I will oppose your biased, unsupported silly baseless “opinions”. You actually have NEVER voiced an opinion about anything, just INSULTS and logical fallacies.

          20. RealityBites says:

            Wow you just proved my point, and quite well I might add.

          21. handsoff1944 says:

            Opinions are NOT valid just because they agree or disagree. You have no opinions-just insults and lies.

          22. RealityBites says:

            Congratulations on finally describing yourself accurately. If you are trying to drive me and my VALID opinions away, it will not happen.

          23. handsoff1944 says:

            Pointing out the lack of logic and rationality in your baseless opinions is not an attempt to drive you away. It does however, allow you to reveal your opinions for what they are, just insults and non responsive.

          24. RealityBites says:

            When will you understand that you are only describing yourself?

          25. handsoff1944 says:

            When will you understand anything, esp your total ignorance and lack of credibility?

          26. RealityBites says:

            You keep proving my point so effectively its getting ridiculous for you to even think that I don’t understand what you are spewing

          27. handsoff1944 says:

            Stop trying to drive those of us with our opinions away, by your irrelevant and ad homimen and false premise logical fallacies. It won’t happen.
            An opinion is not “valid”, just because someone states an opinion. You assert only your opinions are valid, and that makes you an arrogant fool and quite wrong and invalidates THAT opinion. You seem to subscribe to the aristocratic fallacy, that your opinion is always and in all ways the only valid opinion.

          28. RealityBites says:

            WOW talk about twisting my words around. Of course you have become an expert at that

          29. handsoff1944 says:

            You are not even an expert at understanding what is said to you.

          30. handsoff1944 says:

            Valid? not according to the def of valid. Logical fallacies describe any post you make.

            (of an argument or point) having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent.”a valid criticism”
            synonyms:well founded, sound, reasonable, rational, logical, justifiable, defensible, viable, bona fide; More
            cogent, effective, powerful, potent, convincing, credible, forceful, strong, solid, weighty
            “a valid criticism”
            legally binding due to having been executed in compliance with the law.”a valid contract”
            synonyms:legally binding, lawful, legal, legitimate, official, signed and sealed, contractual; More
            in force, current, in effect, effective;
            “a valid contract”
            legally or officially acceptable.”the visas are valid for thirty days”synonyms:legitimate, authentic, authoritative, reliable, bona fide
            “valid information”

          31. handsoff1944 says:

            You have never presented anything to learn. All you want to do is deny, insult and be annoying.

          32. Josef Roesler says:

            Do you cry about people who hated Hitler as well? What’s your ridiculous issue with hatred? You must not realise the people who are always doing all the screaming about hate and race are the actual haters and racists.

          33. Eric G says:

            Wow, another hatred reply. I’m yawning at the lack of intellectual challenge. Keep patting yourself on the back if it makes you feel better (as I’m sure it does, or was that conjecture?).

          34. RealityBites says:

            WOW just how low is “conservative” intellect anyway?

          35. Eric G says:

            Whatever the bar, it’s nice to be looking down at the liberals from the perch.

          36. handsoff1944 says:

            Obviously higher than your lib/dem/prog/progay/proislam/ bo worshipping non intellect……

          37. RealityBites says:

            Yep that’s you alright, sure ain’t me.

          38. SusieQ says:

            You are dealing with an immature igmo here. He/she always comes back with bubble-gum responses, been there. No intelligent reply to this one is worth your time to type it.

            I think it’s a Pee-Wee Herman impersonator.

          39. RealityBites says:

            WOW your self esteem is still HORRIBLY low! I thought you would have gotten the help you so desperately need by now, but I guess not

          40. SusieQ says:

            Ha ha ha ha ha.

          41. RealityBites says:

            Same old same old from you. Sadly not suprising. I know this will get the same nonsense attempt at a “response” from you also because that is all you can do

          42. SusieQ says:

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

          43. RealityBites says:


          44. RealityBites says:


          45. handsoff1944 says:

            Same old same old from you. Sadly not surprising. I know this will get the same nonsense attempt at a “response” from, because that is all you can do-as this one is clearly nonsense and non responsive.

          46. RealityBites says:

            Yep nothing but truth. Glad you are finally understanding it

          47. handsoff1944 says:

            Wish you were understanding anything, esp the difference between truth, fact, insults and your inability to perceive anything, esp how contradictory are your claims on your “profile” to what you indicate by your incomprehensible, irrelevant, misunderstanding posts.

          48. RealityBites says:

            I wish you could understand how much smarter than you I am but you do not read anything objectively

          49. handsoff1944 says:

            Impossible to read your comments as anything other than what they are, insults, lies, made by a self deluded arrogant condescending not self aware, ignorant, not so smart, much less educated whatever you are.

          50. RealityBites says:

            Stop describing yourself

          51. handsoff1944 says:

            You prove your inability to respond with your oft repeated nonsense, such as this one

          52. RealityBites says:

            WOW if your self esteem is that low, get help already

          53. handsoff1944 says:

            Why do you care whether I “understand” that you are much smarter? You believe it-it is not true and no one will ever submit to your deluded belief about yourself, no matter how many times you try to bully them with your insults and irrelevant non facts and logical fallacies.
            You list Methodist on your profile-you are the antithesis of the belief system of that denomination.
            He who is wise in his own eyes is a fool.

          54. RealityBites says:

            Considering your stupid spews and my FACTS, I mean really you didn’t know who Guiliani is for cripes sake, not to mention acting like you never the saying don’t count your chickens before they hatch, then you are either not from this planet or dumb as a bag of rocks

          55. handsoff1944 says:

            Never have you stated a FACT.

          56. RealityBites says:

            Just because you don’t comprehend it does not mean it is not fact.

          57. handsoff1944 says:

            Facts don’t need to be “comprehended”. You have NEVER stated a fact, nor have you EVER responded with anything but irrelevant insults.

          58. RealityBites says:

            No you haven’t but glad to see you stepping up and admitting it

          59. handsoff1944 says:

            You Never got past 3rd grade with the stupid, playground antics obviously.

          60. RealityBites says:

            WOW you admit your education level, or lack thereof? That explains a lot

          61. handsoff1944 says:

            Nothing to be glad about-stop looking in the mirror or are you just an ostrich.

          62. RealityBites says:

            LMAO I am far from being an ostrich. I am a human being

          63. handsoff1944 says:

            You stick your head in the sand, as does an ostrich, when you don’t like what is said to you.What planet do you live on, you never heard that? Like you said to me, when you claimed I never heard of the saying “don’t count your chickens….” because I asked you to identify the chickens, you are dumber than dirt. What is good for the goose……

          64. RealityBites says:

            LMAO not even close to true, but par for the course for you

          65. handsoff1944 says:

            Just because you say it, does not make it fact.

          66. RealityBites says:

            So you don’t know what the word fact means, that has already been established

          67. handsoff1944 says:

            You obviously do not.

          68. RealityBites says:

            No you don’t, you admitted it

          69. handsoff1944 says:

            I know who G was, but he was never on the radar for slam dunk candidate. Even if he was, in some pundit’s opinion or wishful thinking, my reference quoting you, was and is “What difference does it make, now”? You are unable to read what is written, in or out of context. You and your unsupported opinions are irrevelevant. I know the pat “proverb” about counting chickens, but it is and was inapplicable to my comment.

          70. RealityBites says:

            So in other words you are trying to backpedal from your proven stupidity. Not gonna work

          71. handsoff1944 says:

            no backpedalling, just trying to explain to your deluded self, what a concise reply apparently did not. It is obvious that no matter what I say or write, or when, you would not comprehend it, because of your apparent need to oppose and read into everyone’s replies what is not there, so that you can insult and attack, to make yourself superior in your own eyes. So sad how blind, perverse and irrational you are, not to mention that you can only recycle your pointless, irrelevant insults.

          72. RealityBites says:

            WOW you are really down on yourself. Please do us all a favor and get help before its too late

          73. handsoff1944 says:

            Help yourself. Try a little of your claimed Methodist theology-or do you just claim the label and not the substance, as you do everything else.

          74. RealityBites says:

            WOW you are so bent on putting people down that you really have no clue how stupid you sound

          75. handsoff1944 says:

            You start out putting people down when you don’t even know what they have said and all you can reply with are arrogant insults.
            You claim you are Methodist in your profile but all you do is ignorantly and stupidly insult. What is your theology? As exhibited, you meet the definition of a fool, devoid of wisdom.

          76. RealityBites says:

            You describe yourself and don’t get anywhere close to me because of the reality that you have not taken time to actually get to know me

          77. handsoff1944 says:

            I can read your comments-they have no substance and indicate you are a shallow, irrational, illogical lib/dem/prog (redundant I know) and you cannot respond with any relevance. I was NOT the one insisting trump will be the next pres. I have never praised or supported anything about trump nor have I even addressed any issue about trump’s candidacy. You attack me baselessly, and “not taken time to actually” read what I actually wrote. It is impossible to “get to know” you, when all you can do is ignorantly and irrelevantly insult, vetch and cavil.

          78. RealityBites says:

            So you proved my point, AGAIN. Not at all surprised

          79. handsoff1944 says:

            What chickens am I counting before they hatch?
            BTW, I have worked on a chicken breeding farm, and sometimes still do. We always count the fertilized eggs, so we have a ballpark number for determining the possible hatching-so we can make provision for them.

          80. RealityBites says:

            So in other words you pay wisdom no mind

          81. handsoff1944 says:

            EXPLAIN your alleged “wisdom”. What chickens am I counting before they hatch?
            Respect for Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom. She/he who puts his/her faith in his/her own mind, is the fool. YOU ARE THE FOOL W/O WIISDOM. Your misplaced non proverbs and failure to answer questions are NOT WISDOM.

          82. RealityBites says:

            You are already saying the donald is gonna be the next President when the election is a year away for starters

          83. handsoff1944 says:

            WRONG AGAIN! I never said anything of the kind-I do NOT support and have never indicated any support for any candidate.
            You childish ignorant fool.

          84. RealityBites says:

            Sure ya don’t.

          85. handsoff1944 says:

            I never brought “smarts” into the pointless fray of your insults: you did, again pointless. I can tell by the lack of quality and substance in your pointless insults that you have little knowledge, logic, rationality, much less objectivity.

          86. RealityBites says:

            Yep that’s you alright.

          87. PatriotGal says:

            Reality, HAHAHAHA…funniest line I’ve read in ages. Keep lying to yourself – you are so delusional, it’s hysterical….

          88. RealityBites says:

            You described yourself I see.

          89. AttMore says:

            Consistently Lying,you and evil bola need/needed,JESUS……

          90. RealityBites says:

            Wow only the ones who do not understand truth can twist my words that badly

          91. AttMore says:

            You and evil obola are ‘TWISTED’……….JESUS SAVES!!!

          92. RealityBites says:

            I am far from twisted

          93. handsoff1944 says:

            So says the pretzel.

          94. RealityBites says:

            You really enjoy describing yourself

          95. AttMore says:

            Touche’…….God Bless!!!

          96. AttMore says:

            You and evil obola are very twisted and on the road to Hell,if you all don’t get JESUS,in some cases it’s to late……….JESUS SAVES!!!

          97. RealityBites says:

            I’m twisted HOW???

          98. AttMore says:

            You defend evil obola at every turn,the man is a baby killer,a liar,very deceitful,trying to destroy America and Israel…etc,so if you’re following obola,you’re no better,because you’re really following Satan,the ‘man’ is demonic,that’s why I consider you both twisted…..p.s.-JESUS SAVES!!!!

          99. RealityBites says:

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the best laughs the haters spew!!!! First the President’s name is OBAMA! Second if the man follows Satan just because he isn’t like you then you have a very narrow definition of reality. When has the President killed ONE BABY??? How about NEVER! The rest of the Middle East is trying to destroy Israel thank you! WOW your ridiculousness is so easy to refute its actually sad.

          100. JS says:

            What makes what you say the truth? Other than what you want to be the truth in your mush for brains.

          101. RealityBites says:

            It obviously frustrates “conservatives” so reality is once again letting you have it

          102. handsoff1944 says:

            Consistency in changing the subject or resorting to ad hominems is not truth telling.
            Truth is that property of those propositions whose referent state of affairs is as the proposition asserts it to be.
            Your comments have no relationship to truth.

          103. RealityBites says:

            You’re right, your spew and the truth are complete polar opposites. I on the other hand tell it as is whether you like it or not

          104. handsoff1944 says:

            You tell what your masters say it is regardless of the truth, fact or reality.

          105. RealityBites says:

            LMAO that has got to be your STUPIDEST spew yet

          106. rfrichey says:

            UnrealBites learned that from “It depends on what is, is”. The Clintons are masters at changing the subject or else just ignoring the question, and obummer can’t answer a question unless he has a teleprompter.

          107. RealityBites says:

            Wow the attempts you make at trying to make synonyms for truth could rewrite the thesaurus

          108. handsoff1944 says:

            Truth is that property of those propositions whose referent state of affairs is as the proposition asserts it to be.
            Your comments have no relationship to truth.

          109. RealityBites says:

            No your spews do not resemble truth at all. Glad you see that

          110. Eric G says:

            Yes, and Bites still continues to avoid the initial challenge to his/her point. Not that we are holding our breath…

          111. RealityBites says:

            If all you can do is throw the same tired cheap shots that I hear everywhere from “conservatives” then it proves that you are not grasping reality very well

          112. Eric G says:

            Boo Hoo:(

          113. RealityBites says:

            So you’re crying now? WOW you must hate being put in your place

          114. Eric G says:

            There’s that “hate” word again. You should really learn to expand your vocabulary:)

          115. RealityBites says:

            Lemme guess you’re upset because I tell the truth and it gets to you. Gotcha.

          116. RealityBites says:


          117. Eric G says:

            Glad to see you laughing:)

          118. RealityBites says:

            How else should I respond to your crap?

          119. Eric G says:

            Ah, there’s the intellectual side of you again.

          120. RealityBites says:

            So you finally admit you got nothing huh

          121. Eric G says:

            Thanks for playing:)

          122. handsoff1944 says:

            We are all holding up a mirror to you. All you see in your reflection is god.

          123. handsoff1944 says:

            Says the unreality who never answers any comments with relevant logical, rational, thoughtful or even remotely factual responses.

          124. Al Gee Brah says:

            he shakes it off by calling everyone a racist.

          125. Rip Rogers says:

            We have won many wars removing people like you from this earth.

          126. RealityBites says:

            I am not going anywhere much to your chagrin I know

          127. Rip Rogers says:


          128. RealityBites says:


          129. usmc354 says:

            I have never had the desire to meet a braindead liberal minion. And, you are no exception! I perceive you as a big a “loser” as your idol, BHO!

          130. RealityBites says:

            Then you are wrong, but unfortunately I am not the least bit surprised

          131. John Campbell says:

            Can we please keep this clean? There are family people here that don’t want to deal with your sexual fantasies.

          132. tedlv says:


          133. RealityBites says:

            Wow as if I did not see that one coming. I knew someone qould try and bring sex into it

          134. Doug says:

            Speak for yourself. Personally, I like sexual fantasies particularly about Sarah Palin.

          135. handsoff1944 says:

            Truth is that property of those propositions whose referent state of affairs is as the proposition asserts it to be.
            Your comments have no relationship to truth.

          136. RealityBites says:

            Nothing you spew is even close to true. Glad you admit that.

          137. handsoff1944 says:

            You cannot understand a simple definition of truth obviously. No single comment of yours is a truthful proposition-nothing you say is supported by the referent state of affairs.

          138. RealityBites says:

            No you can’t but unfortunately I am not surprised,

          139. Earl Morgan says:

            Because Obama cares about nothing but himself … and it shows everyday in everyway …

          140. JS says:

            He sure does he yells and stomps his feet and flaps his big ears

        2. Angry American says:

          reality bites, must be talking about me this is the first & only president that I absolutely hate. I think he is a lying pos that also likes to suck & that is not just my thoughts either. Never have I thought that this country would elect someone so obviously unqualified to be the leader. Maybe if he told the truth just 1/2 the time I wouldn’t dislike him so much. And for the hater part they can call me a the names they wish, kind of like water & a ducks back, it just doesn’t penetrate

          1. RealityBites says:

            Yep President Obama has had to deal with a lot of crap. Thankfully he just shakes it off and keeps right on going

          2. tedlv says:

            …Going right to the golf course to deal with all his problems.

          3. RealityBites says:

            And your attempt at a point being?

          4. Al Gee Brah says:

            his point was truthful humor.. you might want to laugh once and a while, RetardBites

          5. crustyone says:

            Hopefully not up to the retreat grounds north of D.C. with the stinking “king”.

          6. Mi Li says:

            What crap has he gone through?Please list.

          7. RealityBites says:

            Let’s see, birthers, false spew about his religion, republican obstructionism, and that’s just a few

          8. Ronald Hunt says:

            If he would have showed us his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, we wouldn`t keep calling him the LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER…….at least maybe so often. As for obstructionism, the R`s need to slow the traitor down SOMEHOW. Why do you love LIARS so much???

          9. RealityBites says:

            Thank you for proving my point

          10. Ronald Hunt says:

            The only thing I proved is that you are afraid of the truth.

          11. RealityBites says:

            Wrong wrong wrong. You are the one who hates the truth

          12. Friend Of St. Frank says:

            Then you must hate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. After all, in the 2008 democrat primaries, it was Hillary Clinton who said that neither President Obama or John McCain was eligible to run as neither was born on American soil. McCain, she said was born on a military base and Obama, Hillery said was born in Kenya. So, since she started the birthier movement, (among a lot of other unethical and illegal acts starting with watergate), I imagine you are holding her to account for that.

            The democrat controlled both houses of congress when President Obama was elected. They made fun of him (Harry Reid-he doesn’t sound black or look that black so it is o.k.) and ignored him-Nancy Pelosi would take the phone off the hook when he called and leave him talking while ignoring him and doing whatever she wanted to. Yes, he was treated very poorly by the Democrats. One of his close friends at the time that he could count on and spent a lot of time with was Dr. Tom Coburn-Republican from Oklahoma-they met while both were new Senators and altho they didn’t agree on things, they had a lot of fun debating and enjoyed spending time together. When Tom Coburn left early, the President called him the greatest statesman he had ever met.

            Again, the president was treated like crap for two years while the democrats were in power. They ignored him, they made fun of him, they showed no respect for him-not at all. And this started his frustration and his occasional fall back to using crack altho the addiction did not start until after 2012.

            As for his religion, what does that matter anyway? Further if you read “Dreams From My Father” and “Audacity of Hope” you get a pretty good picture. Add to that, you may wish to read Mark Obama’s book that the president tried desperately to block from being sold in the U.S. but Amazon started selling it in October of 2014.

            Mark had the unfortunate experience of being raised by Obama Sr. (Obama Sr. was actually still married to Mikael’s mother in Kenya when he married Obama’s mother Stanley Ann as an attempt to stay in the country altho he divorced both women with in a year and legitimately married Mark’s white Jewish mother) and when he read “Dreams of My Father” by the President who was abandoned by his father before he was even born, he wrote his book to set the record straight about Obama Sr, and it is not a pretty picture.

            Obama has 3 living brother’s on his father’s side (David died a few decades ago in a motorcycle accident) and one sister on his mother’s side. Mikeal, his oldest brother is the only one he speaks too. He wants nothing to do with George as he is poor and ill, and he is angry at Mark for publishing the truth about Obama Sr. His sister, Dr. Maya Ng lives in Hawaii. It is rather odd that during his vacations there each year, he will not even talk to his sister. Altho on the last vacation, he went and spent an hour with her on the day before his plane departed.

            I am also guessing from your rhetoric that you hate the Bush dynasty which is rather odd given the fact that President Obama is a member of the Bush Dynasty. Obama’s white grandfather who raised him was a first cousin to the Bush family making Obama 3rd cousin to the Bush family. Obama is also related to Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederacy but is not related to any slaves which is not surprising since onl 25% of blacks living today have a slave as an ancestor-many more are related to free blacks who owned slaves-25,000 when the Civil War broke out which is not surprising because it was a major status symbol for free blacks to own slaves.

            During Obama’s youth he was raised in both the Catholic and Muslim Church.

            OK, that is enough information for you now and you can check it out-every single bit is the truth,

          13. RealityBites says:

            Come on you really think I am dumb enough to listen to Hillary? Please. Besides if she were consistent she would say that Cruz isn’t eligible either since he was born in Canada

          14. handsoff1944 says:

            Yes I really think as do most of the commenters to you obviously do, that you are dumb enough to listen and regurgitate anything and everything lib/dem/prog/anti christian/pro gay/pro muslim/ self aggrandizing excrement. hillbilly’s “consistency” is not at issue-she is inconsistency personified, as are you. She does not care about Cruz and the birther issue is political poison for her, since she created it. If Cruz’s parents were/are us citizens, he is as natural born as is bo, maybe more. You cannot stick to any point.

          15. RealityBites says:

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has got to be the STUPIDEST spew I have seen all night, and that is saying something

          16. handsoff1944 says:

            Since you have no valid or cogent response, and can only insult, ineffectively, I take it as a compliment ………or, as hillbilly is so fond of saying, and you copy her more than once, I paraphrase…What difference do your irrelevant insults make, now?

          17. RealityBites says:

            No you don’t, but that is obvious to anyone with 2 working eyes and a functioning brain cell

          18. Doug says:

            Was Hillary born in Arkansas? That should disqualify her right there.

          19. Mi Li says:

            Moderator can you tell me why the post I posted twice to this reply was not posted? I didn’t post anything against the rules, yet twice it has been removed or not posted. Thank you.

          20. Doug says:

            Peter Poster posted a peck of pickled posts. How many pickled posts did Peter Poster post?

          21. Mi Li says:

            That’s cute but doesn’t answer my question. Are you the moderator?

          22. Mi Li says:

            Very cute. Doesn’t answer the question though. Are you the moderator?

          23. Mi Li says:

            Well it appears you are the moderator because I posted it a 3rd time and I guess you can’t appreciate the cold hard truth and I’m kind of ticked off because I haven’t broke any rules with my post, yet it doesn’t get posted. Either you or someone else is a chicken crap weasel for stifling my free speech. And that is total bs. Pansies!!

          24. handsoff1944 says:

            None of which listed is a valid list of “crap”. He created the birther issue with his assertions of being Kenyan, his own statements about his religion, and obstructionism is ridiculous. His job is to enforce laws duly passed, not cry about laws not getting passed.
            If he would stop asserting a confused “religion” and drop the subject
            and stop supporting radical islam, he would not get questioned about his
            religious statements that he made public and not questioned about his
            actions that contradict his statements.
            BTW since he is still alive,
            regretfully, he has not been hounded to death about anything. He has
            gotten away with all the lies, confusion and sealing of records and
            ignored the criticism, much like you have with your logical fallacies
            and inability to come to grips with your failures in logic and

          25. Rip Rogers says:

            NO, no, he creates crap.

          26. RealityBites says:

            No other President has been hounded to death about where they are from like this one has. No other President has been hounded about their perceived religion more than this one has

          27. handsoff1944 says:

            Actually while Senator, bo got a proclamation in the Senate making the 1954 naturalization law retro to McCain, and establish both of them natural born citizens according to the 1954 law. Bobo has not been “hounded” on religion. He asserted religion and claimed religious beliefs at odds with the facts. He has refused to answer any questions to clarify. Instead, he asserts praise for islam lying about the superiority of islam over Christianity. That actually puts the lie to his assertion that he is Christian and makes him pro islam, which clearly is not the “peaceful” superior religion.

          28. Rip Rogers says:

            No other needed hounding!

          29. Doug says:

            Rip, You know Martin Van Buren, President when you first got married, was similarly hounded.

          30. RealityBites says:


          31. handsoff1944 says:

            If he would stop asserting a confused “religion” and drop the subject and stop supporting radical islam, he would not get questioned about his religious statements that he made public and not questioned about his actions that contradict his statements.
            BTW since he is still alive, regretfully, he has not been hounded to death about anything. He has gotten away with all the lies, confusion and sealing of records and ignored the criticism, much like you have with your logical fallacies and inability to come to grips with your failures in logic and rationality.

          32. TrickleUpPolitics says:

            You are complaining about the “crap” Obama has had to endure without owning the crap the Left gave George Bush? You are delusional.

          33. RealityBites says:

            Bush didn’t have to put up with the crap, the protesters were shoved into “free speech zones”

          34. handsoff1944 says:

            Yet, bo and most liberals still blame Bush for everything that bo has failed at, like leading this country to prosperity. According to you lib/dims it is Bush’s fault that the US is no longer the leader of the free world, and the tripling of the debt has nothing to do with bo’s failed econ policies, but 8 yrs later is somehow still Bush’s fault.
            You forgetting that bo has his own “free speech zones”, by denying conservative journalists access to wh press conferences and his war on any media source that dares question his imperial highness?

          35. RealityBites says:

            Funny where did I mention dubya except for the truth about keeping him shielded from protesters?

          36. handsoff1944 says:

            bo gets more shielding than any other prez ever……and you bring in irrelevancies all the time-yet you try to deflect when I bring in a relevant issue….

          37. RealityBites says:

            Yes you do

          38. Garth Van Fosson says:

            How could he shake it off there is no place to stop shaking the crap off…He is crap.

          39. tompro97 says:

            WRONG – he just ignores the bad results and keeps on doing it making everything that much worse. Unlike most morons, he DOES NOT LEARN from his many, many, many mistakes. As a result, he will have NO LEGACY!!!

          40. Friend Of St. Frank says:

            If you really cared about President Obama, which is very doubtful, then look very very closely at the man-not the role or job, but the man. Pay close attention to what I say because maybe if you actually care about Mr. Obama, you might actually work to help him as I have.
            1. Pin point size pupils in every photo, every tape. Blow them up and look. Eye dilation cannot be faked and pin-point pupils indicate the person is on a speed derivative-particularly crack or meth.
            2. Please note the rapid weight loss-he looks worse and worse by the day. Now, if someone quits smoking tobacco, they naturally gain weight, not lose it and he is thinner by the day.
            3. Rapid aging, not just from job stress, dear, he is 53 and he doesn’t look a day under 75. Again, it gets worse every day.
            4. Lack of tincture in his skin, very tight, so tight that a lesion could break out at any moment.
            5. Inability to focus-he can’t focus his eyes on an object for more than 5 seconds, loses his train of thought constantly and can’t even stand or sit still.
            6. Lack of sleep-up all hours.
            7. Skin turning pale-look at photos from two years ago and now.
            8. Eyes are sunken in and very heavy lidded-inability to open eyes fully.
            9. And this sign (note I have not even discussed the behavior signs just the physical ones) is the most dangerous. His lips are turning blue/purple which indicates that liver damage has begin to take place.

            The man is a crack addict and it will destroy him-he will not live to see 65 at the rate he is going unless someone can help get him into a medical detox facility as if he quit on his own or tries to reduce use on his own, it could kill him, his body needs the drug now.

            Now, the reason I say crack and not meth is that his teeth show no damage. Mr. Obama admits that he was a frequent crack user even when he was a senator for the state of Ill. He never got treatment for it. Now, when a person is under pressure, you revert back to the system of stress reduction you used in the past and his is crack.

            I have watched so many deaths from meth and crack-they are truly evil drugs as they are instantly addictive.

            I have great concerns about Mr. Obama and it troubles me how rapidly he is degenerating by the day. Reagan had Alzheimer’s when in office so no surprise that within 3 months of leaving, it was announced that he was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer. Hillary Clinton had a stroke when she ‘hit her head’. It was evident from looking at her. Harry Reid did not get injured on exercise equipment-you don’t hit 3 separate surfaces (back of head, side on ribs and face) nor are his injuries consistent with that-you would break the protruding surfaces-nose and not the more protected surfaces-eye. No, someone hit him in the back of the head, punched his eye and kicked him in the ribs.

            I am an expert at injuries and causes of deaths, dear. And, again, the topic now is President Obama-nothing can be done for Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton but Mr. Obama can still be saved and I don’t mean religiously.

            If you love the man-actually care about President Obama, you will help push for someone to get him into a medical detox facility. It doesn’t have to be public-but he must be weaned from a very evil drug that controls his every action and response.

            Now, lets see what you say to this. You can continue with your snide comments, ignore my warnings and watch as Mr. Obama comes to a drawn out very painful death within the next 10 years or you can do as I am-call the white house, call the democrat headquarters, call organizing for action, call anyone you can think of and beg them to help Mr. Obama.

            Now, we will see. Do you really love President Obama or are you just another person who uses him and demands that he meet your ideas and needs while you sit by and watch him die. Should you choose the later, then you are the hater-you are so lacking in compassion that you will not help Mr. Obama in his suffering and will do nothing to prevent his early death due to liver damage created by his crack addiction.

          41. RealityBites says:

            Show me one President that has not aged ridiculously while in office. Its a very high stress job, and yes President Obama has aged a lot in 6 years but that is to be expected when you’re in that office

          42. handsoff1944 says:

            Would be true if he did not spend so much time on the golf course and NOT attending to the office.

          43. RealityBites says:

            Yet look at the numbers, dubya took more vacation than Obama. Even dubya defended Obama’s golf habits

          44. Doug says:

            Hannibal Lecter made the same observations.

          45. Al Gee Brah says:

            FACT CHECK: Mr. Obama only told the truth ONCE when he said “we are going to fundamentally transform America…” then the demon of Saul Alinsky possessed him and we’ve been Alinsky-fied ever since.

          46. usmc354 says:


          47. rfrichey says:

            Now you’ve done it, you’re going to force UnrealBites to go google Saul Alinsky.

          48. RealityBites says:

            LMAO I live with Alinsky clones

          49. handsoff1944 says:

            So THAT’s your problem with reality and truth!

          50. RealityBites says:

            YOU are the one with the problem, NOT ME, so stop spewing

          51. handsoff1944 says:

            Your spews indicate otherwise…..

          52. RealityBites says:

            You admit you are wrong? Finally

          53. rfrichey says:

            I just wish I could up vote your post a thousand times. Bravo! Amen!

          54. TrickleUpPolitics says:

            Me too!

      3. durabo says:

        It’s supposed to be a tripartite agreement among the three branches of federal government, in case you have forgotten, Tovarisch.

        1. RealityBites says:

          I guess you forgot that executive orders are perfectly within the President’s rights. This happens to be a good one

          1. Al Gee Brah says:

            executive orders does not mean bypassing congress to create laws. you might want to do a little more research on the subject matter.

          2. Rip Rogers says:

            He is not use them to legislate in place of congress.
            Get a rope!

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            Proclamations are, but not laws that are within the sole perogative of Congress. bo has exceeded his authority which is to enforce laws duly enacted by Congress, not alter or proclaim laws. He has NO authority to order a business to provide a benefit to workers.

          4. Mary Brown says:

            Point out in the constitution where the president is allowed to issue executive orders! You CAN’T and EVERY one issued by both dem and repub is illegal!

          5. RealityBites says:

            You can’t rescind every executive order issued by every President who has ever issued them either. Too bad for you

          6. Mary Brown says:

            Sure can, all it takes is a declaration they are invalid!

          7. Arleen Taylor says:

            So you want to rescind the Emancipation Proclamation and the order desegregating the Armed Forces (both Executive Orders)? That will be fun.

          8. handsoff1944 says:

            The Emancipation Proc was confirmed by law and constitutional amendment. Only EO’s that have been so confirmed are validated as law. Until or unless, they are NOT law, and are NOT constitutional and can and are overturned or confirmed by acts of Congress and/or amendment.

          9. RealityBites says:

            WILL NOT HAPPEN except in “conservative” fantasyland

          10. Arleen Taylor says:

            You should take your case to the Supreme Court! No doubt they never realized all those executive orders are illegal. You would think someone would have noticed after all these years!

          11. RealityBites says:

            Somehow I highly doubt it

          12. handsoff1944 says:

            Actually the SCOTUS is bought and paid for by the lib government. EO’s are unconstitutional when they make law, instead of directing enforcement of a particular law, but SCOTUS has acted unconstitutionally for many decades and ruled POMS and regs of departments enforceable law, even if the dept itself is judge, jury, police, prosecutor of its own regs and jails individuals for 20yrs and bankrupts them.

      4. usmc354 says:

        What rights? No where, without negotiations, is it written ANYONE is to have paid sick leave! Why is it the responsibility of an employer to take care of an employee? If one is paid a decent wage it is their responsibility to prepare for those types of emergencies. But, then again, Socialist BHO sees it as the responsibility of “someone else” to take care of the irresponsible!

        1. RealityBites says:

          Its called treating people as you would want to be treated thank you. YOU would want someone to ensure that YOU didn’t have to worry about paying the bills while YOU were sick or caring for a sick family member. President Obama did the RIGHT thing and all you can do is spew hatred. How sad

          1. Ronald Hunt says:

            As long as YOU don`t have to pay for it, you`re fine with it, right??

          2. RealityBites says:

            Wow you people have really disgusting attitudes

          3. Ronald Hunt says:

            When libs start caring about people like they ‘ claim ‘ to instead of just pretending, maybe I could listen once in a while. But they will never learn how to do anything right, so that`s not gonna happen.

          4. RealityBites says:

            Yeah its hard when people actually possess a caring attitude huh?

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            You don’t care about anyone who responds to you and takes the time to point out why we disagree with you. You only “care” in the abstract, unreality of your muddled mind.

          6. RealityBites says:

            WOW you love to hate on yourself! Just because people don’t like what I say does not mean I do not live in reality. It only means one thing and one thing only. That President Obama cannot do anything right in your eyes. That is all it means.

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            No, it does not mean that. You cannot see the facts or reality and cannot see that others have facts about bo. He has done NOTHING valuable, and the facts prove that he has lied many times, and is not a leader. Can he do something “right”? Maybe, but he has not so far, at least not as senator, nor as prez.

          8. handsoff1944 says:

            Anybody that makes a point that you don’t agree with or challenges your unsupportable lib/dem/prog/soc bad philosophy is disgusting? I among many others do not agree with you, and find your ad hominem logical fallacies “disgusting” to use your term.

          9. usmc354 says:

            I have been on both sides of the street. I have been an employee and an employer. As an employee, I learned and took upon myself the responsibility of ensuring that those types of emergencies would be taken care of. On the other hand as an employer, I have found that leftist liberal socialists in most cases refuse to do the same and attempt to force others to be responsible for them. Is it because they lack the ability to think and plan ahead for themselves or is it because they believe it is another convenience afforded by the Gi’me States of America and that they are OWED (entitled)?

      5. higgy01 says:

        He doesn’t care about the rights of others, if he did he would enforce all laws, especially those having to do with immigration.

      6. auntielib says:

        How has he ensured the rights of the county clerk in Kentucky??
        Or gun owners’ rights?
        Or the right of the citizens of the United States to not have their country swarmed by illegal aliens?

        1. rfrichey says:

          auntielib, I’ll be waiting anxiously to read UnrealBites response to your post.

          1. tedlv says:

            It is a certainty that if it does respond, the response will be nonsensical.

          2. RealityBites says:

            Wow another attempt to rewrite the thesaurus.

        2. RealityBites says:

          She violated a court order. She went to jail same as the rest of us who committed that crime would. Its not rocket science

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            It was not a crime and the judge exceeded his authority. SCOTUS cannot make law. Striking down a state law that is not under review or before the Court or even known to the court does NOT make a law. The clerk was upholding the law of the state under which she was elected, and also was guaranteed that her 1st amendment rights were hers to stand on. SCOTUS rulings are not enforeable and not law.

          2. RealityBites says:

            EXCUSE YOU????? Case law is just as valid as laws made by the legislature. UGH “conservatives” so didn’t pay any attention in government class! Either that or they haven’t read an actual law book ever

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            Precedents are ONLY valid in court. They cannot make law. SCOTUS is prohibited from legislation. Striking down a state law that is not before them does not make LAW.
            Your lack of understanding of criminal vs civil law and common law and legislated law is obvious. “case law” is citing legislated law and interpretating it. It does not MAKE new law, just application of legislation. There is NO law established by striking down a democratically enacted state law that is not before the Court in the 1st place.

          4. RealityBites says:

            I know you’re angry because marriage equality is now legal abd there is nothing you can do about it except cry, but you really need to cope

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            Where in this comment did I mention gay marriage? I was commenting on your ignorant assertion about law. You obviously know nothing about the subject….

          6. handsoff1944 says:

            You Still can’t handle facts or make relevant replies.

          7. RealityBites says:

            No you can’t but unfortunately that does not surprise me

        3. Mary Brown says:

          Or the rights of a small business owner to not have his profits slashed or be forced to raise his prices to cover a tyrannical decree!

      7. I didn’t know there was a right to sick leave. I work on Fiverr, I make money when I work, I don’t make money when I don’t work. Simple as that.

      8. John Campbell says:

        Employers, business owners, have no rights. I see.

        1. RealityBites says:

          The first 3 words of the Constitution are WE THE PEOPLE not we the corporations

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            The Preamble sets forth the reasons for the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Feds, esp the prez the right to force anything on corporations, whether they contract with the gov or not.
            More ignorant specious illogic and irrationality from unreality.

          2. Mary Brown says:

            You just dug your own grave! We the people INCLUDES BUSINESS OWNERS who have the right to not have their profits slashed! Who says this only affects big corporations? Many of them already offer sick leave to attract workers. The struggling small business owner is the one taking it in the shorts over this!

          3. Arleen Taylor says:

            No one is forced to be a federal contractor and provide paid sick leave. The order only applies to federal contractors.

          4. RealityBites says:

            Once “citizens united” is overturned the corporations will be put back in their place

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            Their place is free from government interference. Hedge funds are exempted, as Soros has proven time and time again, financing riots and anti-constitutional “causes”.

          6. handsoff1944 says:

            If SCOTUS “case law” is so sacrosanct as you have repeatedly crowed it cannot be overturned unless you are willing to admit, that ANY SCOTUS ruling can and should be overturned, and then the recent “SSM” ruling and the rulings on bocare get “overturned” also.
            Mary was right “YOU JUST DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE”

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            Powers of the fed gov are limited and enumerated. ANY control of business by gov is NOT constitutional. Power has been seized, unconstitutionally, under a deliberate misreading of the commerce “power” . SCOTUS has changed the “interpretation” back and forth from original back to original meaning and intention – currently a very bad reading of commerce has resulted in loss of liberty for We the People, whether in business or as individuals.

          8. RealityBites says:

            Then overturn “citizens united”

          9. handsoff1944 says:

            You are the one who said it would be overturned. If you want it overturned you have to acknowledge all the SCOTUS decisions that you call sacrosanct and “law” are just as vulnerable to be overturned.

      9. John Campbell says:

        Employers, business owners, have no rights. I see.

      10. Pam says:


        What you’ve just stated is neither a “truth” nor a “right”. In my lifetime I have has 8 jobs; only 2 of which offered paid sick time.
        His executive order refers ONLY to government contractors. By following basic economics it is a TRUTH that this will ONLY cost the taxpayers.
        Step 1 – Executive order signed to force gov. contractors to offer paid sick time.
        Step 2 – After order is signed, ALL gov. contractors will immediately begin increasing their bids for gov. work in order to build a cushion from which to pay said sick time without cutting in to their profit margins.

        Step 3 – Taxes, fees, etc. will have to be raised to cover the increased cost of contracted work being done for the government.
        Step 4 – All businesses and individuals NOT working for the government will feel the effects IN THEIR WALLETS leading to fewer jobs for the private sector….
        See where this is going? Can you comprehend?

        1. handsoff1944 says:

          No, he cannot comprehend and he is far from a “sweetie”. Sarcasm? Nothing gets through to this unreal, head in a dark bubble, arrogant. You are quite correct in your analysis, in my understanding.

      11. Milly Taylor says:

        So President Obama wants to ensure the rights of others and all the haters want to do is complain. How typical

        1. Milly Taylor says:

          www.JobsNet50.com ✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜✜

          1. Mary Brown says:

            you are so fugly you couldn’t make a dime standing on a street corner hooking!

        2. RealityBites says:

          Yep that’s it in a nutshell

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            Broken, powdered nutshell.

          2. RealityBites says:

            You mean truthful nutshell

          3. Mary Brown says:

            It isn’t in the constitution so it is illegal

          4. Arleen Taylor says:

            You need to brush up on your constitutional law.

          5. Mary Brown says:

            Point out where it gives the president the right to do this in the constitution!

          6. Arleen Taylor says:

            Article II, Section I, Clause I, according to most Constitutional scholars over the past couple of centuries.

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            Story was the 1st constitutional scholar and still THE noted authority on the Constitution as he wrote his Commentaries in 1833 and was Chief Justice of SCOTUS. He did not mention EO’s that I know of. What constitutional scholar says what about EO’s and it could not have been 200 yrs worth of “scholarship” . Most of the lib interpretation has been since 1950.
            I just read Article II in its entirety, and it does not mention EO’s. It does say that the prez has to faithfully enforce laws duly passed by Congress. In so far as tradition of EO’s go, they are valid in their role of directing departments how to enforce the duly passed laws. This is NOT a valid use of EO’s. It is dictatorial and makes law that is not authorized.

        3. Mary Brown says:

          YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to sick pay! Show me where in the constitution the section saying employers have to offer sick pay!

          1. Arleen Taylor says:

            You don’t seem to understand that this executive order only applies to federal contractors. The order does not require all businesses to give employees sick leave, only businesses who want to be federal contractors. The federal government can require any business that wants to provide goods or services to the government to abide by certain policies. If you want to be a federal contractor, your business has to provide paid sick leave. If you don’t want to be a federal contractor, you don’t have to.

          2. Mary Brown says:

            So all the businesses CURRENTLY supplying the feds has to quit? You do realize that dang near every corporation in this country does government business

          3. Arleen Taylor says:

            Most government contractors already have sick leave. Contracts already in place will not be affected. New contacts made in 2017 and after will be affected. No, nearly every business in the country is NOT a federal government contractor. The order does not apply to state or local government.

      12. Capt_Morgan says:

        There are processes for ensuring the rights of others that do not include edicts from the anti american president.

        1. RealityBites says:

          The President is more American than you give him credit for

          1. Ronald Hunt says:

            Learn to READ!! He said ‘ ANTI AMERICAN ‘.

          2. RealityBites says:

            Look at a map, Hawaii is an American state

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            Learn to read-this has nothing to do with his place of birth. It has to do with his upbringing in anti-US propaganda and communist education and the people he surrounds himself with and learns from and gives power to, and the incoherent, contradictory policies he promotes which are anti-constitutional, anti-US, without common sense or even supporting evidence or good philosophy, as established by the Founding Fathers.

          4. RealityBites says:

            Only according to “conservatives” who have done nothing but hate the President since before he took office. Geez even the people didn’t give Clinton or dubya this much grief until they actually moved into the White House.

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            Bush was lied about, slandered before he was elected. Clinton was dubbed the new Kennedy and his background was scrubbed and hidden before the election. bo set the stage himself and created the questions about his birth and background by his actions (mostly non actions) as Senator and his “book”. He was “romanced” in the press leading up to the election as the “1st Kenyan senator” and “his” book even said he was born in Kenya. He deserved every question and “grief” he got because he wanted it that way to be a martyr. He made more than 10mill on that book, because he ran and it got undeserved publicity as a result. It revealed far more than he realized and proves his anti US upbringing and the communist influences. He publicly claimed muslim influence.

          6. RealityBites says:

            Yeah right and I suppose you have actual credible proof to back up your insane claims

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            More than you have…..the slander of Bush about his nat’l guard svc was a proven forgery, but it got a lot of press, along with unproven assertions about his criminal background and sexual perversions.
            bo himself asserted drug use and gang membership, not to mention his unpaid tickets and lies about his mother’s fight on ins, proven untrue, and his assertions about the alleged kenyan father proven untrue (he sealed the records and got the immigration people who revealed the truth dismissed) bo brought any “grief” upon himself by his own statements and publications and actions.

          8. handsoff1944 says:

            Read bo’s book……and look up his acknowledged mentor Frank Marshall Davis the card carrying american communist and the relationships of Valerie Jarriet’s family and inlaws to communism.

          9. RealityBites says:

            Like I said, they ain’t him

          10. handsoff1944 says:

            “like you SAID?” where? You denying that a child’s upbringing and influences have NO effect on him? bo surrounds himself with communist leaning/trained advisors/controllers/reps and has publically stated his intention to subsume the US to the UN, at least insofar as the 2nd amendment is concerned, and he claims the US constitution should be subsumed to “global citizenship” and that we should adopt European style socialist programs.
            Get a grip-learn to read and respond directly….

          11. handsoff1944 says:

            In what respect? He is trying to subsume the Constitution and the republic of the US to the rule of 3rd world countries (the UN). How is THAT in any wise “american”? It certainly is not fulfilling his oath to uphold the Constitution, making an end run around the 1st and 2nd amendments, by his “foreign policy” bungles.

          12. Mary Brown says:

            Actually he isn’t even an American, If he was he would have to be naturalized. At age 5 he went to school in Indonesia and their laws stated that only CITIZENS of the country could attend. Obama had to give up his American citizenship to attend school there! He is NOT AN AMERICAN

          13. Doug says:

            You should have mentioned this 8 years ago. You and you alone could have changed history.

          14. Arleen Taylor says:

            What a great story! Do you have proof of this?

          15. Arleen Taylor says:


          16. handsoff1944 says:

            There is no proof of that categorical statement and according to the law and court decisions, bo is a US citizen, through his mother and probably through his birthplace. See my post above to Mary Brown. The Blaze is not correct in all matters.

          17. RealityBites says:

            He may have regained his citizenship later, you don’t know.

          18. Mary Brown says:

            Then he would not be constitutionally eligible!

          19. handsoff1944 says:

            Mary, you need a little education in the court rulings on the facts, as well as the 1954 law and the proclamation bo made in the Senate extending the 1954 law to McCain.
            Unless you have proof positive, that bo was born in kenya,( highly unlikely because a 17yr pregnant child would not be allowed to travel alone to kenya (her alleged husband was busy with other women on the East coast) nor would she have reason to go there, because she already knew the marriage was not legal and that barack the student was not legally her husband) would you be able, unsuccessfully, to cast doubt on bo’s natural born status.

          20. Mary Brown says:

            He admits it in HIS OWN BOOK! What more proof do you need!

          21. handsoff1944 says:

            If you are referring to Dreams, Ayers wrote that and you know bo lies and makes up stuff to quell his abandonment daddy issues among other things. He could not possibly know anything but what he was told or misremembered, but certainly nothing about his birth. No child can give up his US citizenship and a parent cannot do it, esp when the parent retains her citizenship.

          22. handsoff1944 says:

            Reality. Any book he wrote or had written does not truth or proof make. He at birth was unaware of the place. He distorts everything. Common sense and the 1954 law and the fact of his mother’s age and the abandonment by the putative father militate against anything but natural born status. I researched the indonesian school in 2008 and it was not exclusively muslim at that time and was for foreign born students, a private school and no child can give up his US citizenship. What his indonesian adopted father did has no bearing on his US citizenship as long as he claims it before the age of majority which at the time was age 21.
            In any case, the issue is NOT relevant. His reign is almost over and no matter what, the issue of his eligibility is now irrelevant. It makes no difference and is not actionable or provable. There are so many obvious problems with this confused idiot’s policies, no one should be distracted by the non issue unprovable about his birthplace or BC. We need to concentrate on how to undo and reverse the damage bo has done to the national identity and security and liberty.

          23. handsoff1944 says:

            Bad response. Look at the 1954 law and the court rulings on the matter since 1800’s. A child cannot give up his citizenship, nor can his parents give it up for him.

          24. RealityBites says:


          25. handsoff1944 says:

            Read all the court cases going back to the 1800’s and the 1954 law. Congress has the right and responsibility to determine citizenship, including what constitutes “natural born” which they did in 1954.

          26. handsoff1944 says:

            Unfortunately, according to court decisions and the 1954 law, bo IS a US citizen. No child can give up their US birthright citizenship, just because the parent does, and bo’s mother did NOT and even if she did give up her citizenship, she could not give up his. All he had to do to establish his citizenship under the 1954 laws, as natural born, due to his mother, is to return to the US before age 21 (now it is 18), which he did. Unfortunately, he is within the law. huma abedin never lived here until she was 19 or older and neither of her parents were citizens and they always owed allegiance to a foreign country, but were in US on student visas when she was born, but raised by radical muslims in Saudi Arabia and has ties to the muslim brotherhood thru her family and upbringing, yet is not questioned as to qualifications for prez as birthright citizen (which according to the law, she is NOT allowed to be a birthright citizen. bo is in a much better position vis a vis the law.

      13. handsoff1944 says:

        Paid sick leave is not a “right”, and the prez has not the authority to order any business to do anything.
        How typical of you to get it so wrong.

        1. Arleen Taylor says:

          No one is ordering your business to contract with a federal agency, and if you aren’t a federal contractor the executive order does not apply to you.

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            NO EO is valid when it supplants law passed by Congress and esp when it asserts that this should apply to all businesses and that all workers should be unionized, which bo SAID when he was justifying his unauthorized EO. Perhaps you are unaware of the bias and preferential treatment and incompetence ensured and established by federal contract rules that increase costs and ensure low quality work, at the expense of the taxpayer and to the danger of the taxpayer.

      14. Josef Roesler says:

        Sorry, where in the Constitution is the Right to Vacation? I must have missed that when I studied the Constitution.

        1. RealityBites says:

          You mean no President should ever take a vacation? WOW you have real problems. Lemme guess you didn’t give dubya that much grief about all the time he spent in Texas vs DC did you? Of course he did work while there but you better believe there were some days when crap from DC didn’t matter

          1. Josef Roesler says:

            I hate when stupid people reply to me.
            First, WTF are you talking about? Try staying in the conversation. NOBODY was talking about Osama taking vacations. Did you even read the article, or do you just start trolling everything on BPR?
            Second, we’ve already established that Bush was a RINO and nobody gives a flying [email protected] if you keep crying about him a decade later.
            Third, he didn’t play nearly as much golf as the current sh|tbag emperor.

      15. Mary Brown says:

        What about the rights of the business owners who now have to carry this cost? If a business has say 20 workers all making $10 an hour(low wage for federal employment!) they are going to lose $11,200 a year! That is a small business and that amount could be a third of the owners profits for the year!!

        So the owners will raise their prices and guess who ends up taking it in the shorts again? The American TAXPAYER will be paying for this yet again!

        1. RealityBites says:

          OMG either you have a hard time caring for people or just love how the big corporations want to control everything. Besides this applies to FEDERAL contractors. FEDERAL being the operative word in that sentence.

          1. Mary Brown says:

            Doesn’t mean they are BIG corporations. I have done some small laser engraving jobs for the government! I employ 1 person, MYSELF because to employ anyone else I would LOSE MONEY due to regulations

      16. Ole Man says:

        Obama is a Muslin U fool

        1. RealityBites says:

          Yeah right and Osama bin laden is the Pope

      17. handsoff1944 says:

        There is NO “right” to sick leave, not even a right to be employed.

    2. ChrisW says:

      Yeah, the first thing all the dictators do is order paid sick leave!

      1. Mary Brown says:

        It is another attack on small businesses in this country. The very same small businesses that employ the bulk of the people in this country.

        1. Arleen Taylor says:

          Small businesses are not the bulk of the federal contractors, and this order does not affect the majority of small businesses. Federal contracts are generally very lucrative. If a business wants one, they should be able to prove they are willing to take care of their employees. It’s called having good corporate values, and the government should not use taxpayer money to fund businesses that are unwilling to let employees accrue sick leave.

          1. Mary Brown says:

            how in the hell do you know, are you an expert on federal contracting? GSA? Put up or shut up!

          2. Arleen Taylor says:

            You can easily check everything I said with a little research and see that it is true.

          3. JS says:

            You tell funny jokes.

          4. RealityBites says:

            So now “conservatives” have rewritten the definition of truth. Not surprised

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            You refuse to acknowledge the definition of truth.

          6. handsoff1944 says:

            I have been involved on both sides of federal contracting and you are wrong-the propaganda put out by the feds is just that, propaganda…..

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            Yes they are. Small minority owned businesses are given priority in the bidding/awarding process. The large companies already have a variety of benefits including sick leave for most employees.

      2. handsoff1944 says:

        bo has no authority to order any business to provide any benefit.

    3. Glen Corona says:

      Mussolini, Tojo, Kim Dung Un, Putin, Castro, Idi Amin, Bakr Baghdadi. O`Bozo and his Bud Morsi.

  2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Chuck 0bama!

    1. Mumblepeg says:

      Chuck!!! Great name to stick on obama!!!! lol………..How much longer are we gonna be Stuck with Chuck, WTF?

      1. Angry American says:

        I don’t think that is quite what he meant, replace the ch with an F & then you will get it

        1. Al Gee Brah says:

          i think it was an incomplete sentence… i saw ‘CHUCK OBAMA’ and immediately i finished the sentence with “”off a bridge”…

      2. paulyz says:

        I like Barack Oblamer, always excuses for his failures.

    2. TrickleUpPolitics says:

      More like Upchuck.

  3. LittleRoot_48 says:

    With a Dictator like ours, who needs a Congress? Why doesn’t the Emperor just sign an EO eliminating Congress all together? This country (without MY vote) made the biggest mistake EVER by putting this power-hungry man into office. I would guess his last EO in 2016 will be to make himself “president for life.”

    1. RealityBites says:

      LMAO you’re pretty funny

    2. tedlv says:

      Well, with SCOTUS passing laws, the Prezzy who would be king signing all kinds of edicts, Congress seems to be pretty useless. They don’t have the stones to assert their authority and shut down the dictators.

      1. RealityBites says:

        Yeah republicans typically don’t want egg on their faces huh

        1. TrickleUpPolitics says:

          Who does want egg on his face, idiot?

          1. John Campbell says:

            RealityBites does idiot. He’s good at it too! He’s been doing idiot so long he’s a natural and an expert. :o)

          2. RealityBites says:

            Wow your memory obviously sucks since you can’t remember the last time Congress tried to impeach a Democratic President

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            Congress tried to impeach a repub prez 1st

          4. RealityBites says:

            Nice try but Nixon resigned. Both presidents who have actually been impeached were both Democrats. Andrew Johnson was impeached because he refused to completely annihilate the South following the War for Southern Independence and Clinton was impeached for not just telling the republicans who were probing his sex life the same thing his wife said about Benghazi. “What difference does it make?”

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            Oh, Clinton said a lot more than that and he lied on the record-that is called perjury, which is one of the things he was tried for after being impeached. Impeachment is like indictment for PrezAnd, based on the testimony, it was clear he violated ethical standards of his law license and his license was suspended. Clinton was arrogant and thought he could lie, spin, refuse to answer questions and it was not a big deal and that no one would dare call him to account. It was a big deal and is, even if the morality of the country has sunk so low that a base, vile, lying incompetent most visible public “servant” gets away with such behavior. Just because he got away with harassment of most of the women in the WH, groping them in the hallways, and lying in public as well as court, does not make him innocent.
            Nixon avoided trial by resigning. He was vilified for far less than Clinton got away with (Whitewater, impossible suicides of colleagues, public vulgarity, sexual harassment, incompetence, EO that lined his pockets, bank deregulation that led to housing bubble, all manor of corruption.) If Nixon was arrogant and a disgrace, Clinton was more so. At least Nixon resigned rather than humiliate the office of Pres publicly, as did Clinton.

          6. RealityBites says:

            Like I said the only thing he had to say from the beginning is the same thing Hillary said. What difference does it make.

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            hilbilly can’t get away with dismissing her role in the deaths of 4 americans as “what difference does it make?” It makes a LOT of difference what her actions, inactions, values have to do with her candidacy and ability to be an elected official. bo’s power grab and unconstitutional actions call him into question also. It makes a LOT of difference.

          8. Doug says:

            Kind of harsh of you. You’re usually an even-tempered fellow. Are you sure you’re not from Texas?

          9. John Campbell says:


            Actually I was putting a little twist on pulling a Doug. Comma placement is everything in such cases. :oD

    3. Doug says:

      Paid sick leave. I’m outraged!

      1. John Campbell says:

        You should be. Now there’s every excuse to make pay cuts to offset it. Before this takes affect we still have companies offering paid sick days as an incentive to hire on. Now we have people who prefer to milk such things that are not actually sick. If that’s not a bad enough exploitation, here comes Obama to add to the exploitation.

  4. monacall says:

    Trump is going to have a lot of fun with his pen and phone isn’t he? Thank you CONGRESS!!!

    1. RealityBites says:

      What makes you so sure mr bad haircut is gonna end up in the White House? As the saying goes don’t count your chickens before they hatch

      1. monacall says:

        How’s this? BOY! The next president is sure going to have fun with his pen and phone! Better.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Finally learned not to count your chickens before they hatch? I seem to remember in 2003 everyone thought Guiliani was gonna be the republican nominee. You saw how that turned out

          1. monacall says:

            I learned in 2012 after that election never count your chickens…. ill believe it when I see it. I wouldn’t trust any news poll, or news entertainer on predicting the outcome of an election. To much fraud. To much lying. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if hilllbery becomes president. After all isn’t it her turn?

          2. RealityBites says:

            I would rather see Carly Fiorina

          3. monacall says:

            NO shxt.

          4. tedlv says:

            She is, after all, queen of the world. Why shouldn’t she be elected by the multiple, illegal, and dead voters? It has happened before.

          5. monacall says:

            Yep in 2012

          6. Doug says:

            Too much to.

          7. John Campbell says:


            Good morning, Doug! Good to see you back. Where the heck have you been hiding? :o)

          8. Doug says:

            I have lots of problems accessing this site. It cuts out on me and at night I often lose it completely.

          9. Rip Rogers says:

            Conservatives did not vote for the RINO, that is what happened. It happened again with Romney and it will happen again if they try to stick us with another RINO. You can take that to the bank. You can also bank on not having another Commie!

          10. RealityBites says:

            In other words they let Obama win because Romney reaches out to both sides of the aisle

          11. Rip Rogers says:

            No, Romney only reaches the rich white RINOs and Rich Dimtards. It is actually the same aisle. I am sure you feel comfortable among them.

            We conservatives are the ones on solid Patriotic ground.

          12. John Campbell says:

            Ranks right up there with polls that said Republicans would lose in the midterms, but as it got closer to election time the polls said it would be close, but Republicans would lose.

            Result = Republicans win by a landslide.

            Then there’s the Israeli elections. Polls claimed that the Likud party and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would lose. As the election drew nearer they said it would be close, but they’d lose anyway.

            Result = Likud party and Benjamin Netanyahu wins by a landslide.

            Then there’s the claim that Greece would vote for austerity. As the election drew near they claimed it would be close, but austerity would win.

            Result = Greece votes no on austerity by a landslide.

            At some point even polls can’t lie big enough to cover for the fact that Trump is more than just the “front runner”.

            Save yourself the embarrassment. Best you start practicing now.

            Say hello to President Trump. :o)

          13. Doug says:

            It’s an absolute certainty.

          14. John Campbell says:

            Glad to have you on board, Doug. :o)

          15. RealityBites says:

            You must love to count your chickens before they hatch

          16. Mary Brown says:

            HUH? I never thought that at all and that POS should never be in government again.

      2. Al Gee Brah says:

        when illegals can now vote in Democrat states. it’s going to be a tough one for sure. since most democrats states break laws to ensure even dead people vote too

        1. rfrichey says:

          I’ve been trying to figure out who the next War of Rebellion would pit against one another. The good against the evil demo libs.

      3. auntielib says:

        Remember when the Democrats thought Hillary would be their 2016 presidential candidate?
        Oh, btw, she now trails Trump. And she probably won’t even win the nomination anyways.

        1. usmc354 says:

          As of 9am 9-7-15 HRC was trailing JB.

          1. tedlv says:


        2. RealityBites says:

          Like I told the other one who has been counting their chickens before they hatch, in 2003 everyone was sure Guiliani was gonna be the nominee. That did not happen

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            Like you said many times “what difference does it make, now?”

          2. RealityBites says:

            So you want to be stupid and count your chickens before they hatch?

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            You want to continue your stupidity ? what chickens?

          4. RealityBites says:

            Wow you don’t follow a simple thread and you think I’M STUPID??? You are dumber than dirt

          5. handsoff1944 says:

            You don’t follow any thread-just repost your same ignorant comments ad nauseum.

          6. RealityBites says:

            Yes you do

          7. handsoff1944 says:

            Incomprehensible. To what are you now stupidly referring or do you even know? You keep ref to your perception about someone named guiliano(sp) but “What difference does it make, now?”

        3. Arleen Taylor says:

          Hillary will get the nomination. Sanders is only polling higher in the north, primarily with white liberals. Hillary still carries women and minorities. Hillary also has more money and more endorsements than Sanders.

      4. John Campbell says:

        Probably because most people aren’t as superficial and shallow as you are. Most of us prefer substance over your hairdo.

        1. RealityBites says:

          I am not the one with the bad haircut

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            You are just a horse….is that an improvement?

          2. RealityBites says:

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has got to be the stupidest spew I have heard from you yet

          3. handsoff1944 says:

            You present yourself as a horse in your profile pic….
            and your spews are as numerous and less useful than horse excrement.

      5. TrickleUpPolitics says:

        What makes you so sure that Liar Shrillary is going to end up there?

        1. RealityBites says:

          I never said that

          1. handsoff1944 says:

            You never say anything important…..or memorable, but you do quote the shillary a lot.

  5. ChuckD says:

    King Obama . I love it. Trump loves it. The GOP doesn’t love it . It is personal hate and a love of a billionaire king

  6. tmunson15 says:

    sure.. just place another burden on the system….. wayyyyy beyond pathetic

    1. RealityBites says:

      Why should employees not have paid sick leave? It is a good thing for people who need to take time off to care for family members or themselves to not add to the stress of wondering how they are going to pay the bills while off from work. Now if you cannot see that you have real issues

      1. tmunson15 says:

        details, details, details… examine the details, for one it says, federal contractors, of which i was one for 37 yrs, contractors have their own provisions for leave… secondly there is already a federal law dealing with family leave…. i could go on but it’s hard to explain chess to a checker player

        1. usmc354 says:

          Dealing with a braindead liberal troll is a waste of time and space on this site…or any other part of the universe!

          1. RealityBites says:

            In other words you hate truth that much

          2. usmc354 says:

            In you, as with BHO, there is no truth abiding within. You would not know the truth if it were dressed in purple, denoting royalty! As blind as you are, you should never be allowed out without a keeper lest you pose a threat to yourself and/or others!

          3. RealityBites says:


      2. auntielib says:

        It’s called “choice”, something the Democrat Party USED to believe in.

        1. tedlv says:

          Now, “choice” only involves killing babies and parting them out.

        2. Arleen Taylor says:

          Yep — every business owner has the CHOICE of whether they want to bid on government contracts. If you don’t want to provide sick leave for your employees, don’t be a government contractor.

      3. John Campbell says:

        I contracted with the government as a Tech Rep under N.A.E.S.U. in the mid 80’s. We always had two or three days sick pay available to us and I see no need for Obama to screw that up. Companies offer such things as incentives. If you don’t like it you don’t have to work for them.

        1. Mary Brown says:

          exactly! This should be up to the employer and not a decree by a dictator!

          1. Arleen Taylor says:

            Don’t you think a dictator would make his decree applicable to ALL businesses, not just the ones who choose to do business with the federal government? No business is being forced to provide paid sick leave, just like no business is forced to contract with the federal government.

  7. pupster40 says:

    This creepy traitor will do anything to break the bank and invite in his mooslam ISIS friends.
    The next president is going to need a big eraser.

    1. RealityBites says:


    2. Rip Rogers says:

      I have several erasers that will help.

      1. John Campbell says:

        Can we donate to a worthy cause? I’ll even strip all my pencils!

        1. Doug says:

          The Rip Rogers militia…..”Sons of the Lone Star and the Protestant Theocracy,” can always use a few bucks.

  8. Marilyn Z says:

    As much as I detest this horrible little man, I do agree with this edict. Everyone should have the opportunity to accrue sick leave and I am surprised that government subs do not all have it.

    1. auntielib says:

      Nope, they’re contractors. If they don’t like the terms, they don’t have to accept the contract.
      We live in a democratic republic, not a monarchy where the King Socialist gets to dictate.

      1. Marilyn Z says:

        You are right about that and people can pick and choose their jobs.

        My son worked at many IT jobs as a private contractor, BUT, although he got absolutely no benefits, he was paid about 50% more than his equivalents in the private sector. I doubt the government contractors will pay any more for this benefit , but will, instead, cut the pay.

        1. John Campbell says:

          Ut oh. Now you might lose Doug’s attaboy! :o)

          1. Doug says:

            We can’t see any value in this if it came from Obama. It automatically is Satan-inspired.

          2. Arleen Taylor says:

            Satan loves paid sick leave.

      2. John Campbell says:

        I’ll go with Constitutional Republic. Beyond that, you are correct.

    2. Doug says:

      Loving your compassion.

    3. tedlv says:

      I worked many years as a government contractor. I had sick leave. This is a non-issue, designed to add to his “legacy”.

  9. auntielib says:

    “The law will take effect in 2017, after Obama has left office.”

    So President Trump/Fiorina/Cruz/whomever can rescind the order, 5 minutes after being sworn in.
    America will cheer.

    1. RealityBites says:

      Unless they are smart enough to finally start showing that republicans care

  10. John Campbell says:

    Most companies already have sick days and that’s usually two or three days out of the year. This just looks like something more to throw out the moment Trump takes office and requires no comment since it doesn’t even take affect until after Obama leaves. Just get rid of it and let employers run their businesses as normal.

    If a company doesn’t offer 7 days sick pay instead of three you can still decide not to work there. Last I checked though I’ve never found anyone who decided that they wouldn’t work someplace that didn’t have 7 days sick pay.

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