Free pizza all month for cops in one NJ town: ‘We respect and appreciate all you do!’

A pizzeria owner in New Jersey is doing his part to show police officers a slice of appreciation.

Rick DeLorenzo, who owns DeLorenzo’s Pizza in the state capital of Trenton, posted to the company Facebook page inviting local police officers to eat free at his restaurant for the month of September.

“In response to all the hate and violence being inflicted on law enforcement recently, all uniformed members of the local police force are welcomed to eat at DeLorenzo’s for FREE in the month of September!!!! We respect and appreciate all you do!” he wrote.

DeLorenzos Pizza
DeLorenzo’s Pizza staff. Photo credit Facebook.

DeLorenzo told “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he is doing the promotion as a statement against groups like the Black Lives Matter protesters who chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” that target police.

“Watching all the news reports, seeing how the minority of people are trying to kill cops, the ‘pigs in a blanket,’ thing,” he told host Anna Kooiman. “I woke up Wednesday morning and said I wanted to do something to reverse the negativity, do something positive.”

He said he’s not concerned about losing money by feeding so many officers for free, and that he’s “looking to make a statement against the negativity.”

He said he hopes that other businesses do the same.

“Give them the respect they deserve,” he said. “They’re laying their lives on the line every day. They deserve respect.”

Facebook users flocked to the company’s Facebook page to heap praise on DeLorenzo.

DeLorenzos Pizza

DeLorenzos Pizza

DeLorenzos Pizza

DeLorenzos Pizza

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