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Awkward band routine or ‘best college prank ever’? K-State’s apology even funnier

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Kansas State football fans were treated to an unusual marching band formation during the halftime show—intended to be a starship (or was it?)—gone horribly wrong in Saturday’s football game against North Dakota.

A not-so-small number of viewers took the “Starship Enterprise” battling the rival Kansas Jayhawk mascot to be something completely different, and quite sexually explicit, with the ship having more than a faint resemblance to male genitalia.

After hearing fan complaints, K-State Marching Band Director Frank Tracz took to Facebook to apologize and explain himself, leading to more speculation about the formation’s true intent.

“The chart below represents the drill from tonight’s show. There was absolutely no intent to display anything other…

Posted by K-State Marching Band on Saturday, September 5, 2015


The band’s performance also created a stir on Twitter, with some users chalking it up to poor planning and simple incompetence.

Some Twitter users found the band’s apology a bit hard to swallow.

While others took a more tongue-in-cheek approach to what could have been the greatest band prank ever.

Editor’s note: the original version of this story incorrectly portrayed the Kansas State mascot as the Jayhawk.  The Jayhawk mascot correctly belongs to the rival Kansas team.  We apologize for the inaccuracy.

Was the band just innocently performing a routine, or was there more to this? You decide. Watch the video below.

Steve Berman


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