Another police ambush; Las Vegas cop shot while stopped at red light

cop shotA gunman is in custody after ambushing two Las Vegas Metro police officers in their patrol car while they were stopped at a traffic light, Sunday afternoon.

The officers were responding to a disturbance at a store when the gunman approached their patrol car on foot and fired multiple rounds into their vehicle, hitting one of the officers in the hand.

KTNV reported:

Police said a man approached the squad car and fired with a semi-automatic handgun at the two officers inside the vehicle. The police were leaving the scene of a disturbance call at the 99 Cents Only store and were stopped at a light when the shots were fired.

The officers then exited the vehicle and were able to apprehend the suspect outside a 7-Eleven.


“We saw this guy in a red shirt running with a cop in pursuit,” witness Bobby Randall told KTNV. “The cop has his pistol out.”

KTNV correspondents Melissa Kynaston and David Schuman reported:

KTNV reported:

This is the second officer to be shot in the line of duty this month. Officer Jeremy Robertson was shot in the upper leg Friday morning when responding to a call in the 6700 block of Oveja Circle, near Rainbow Boulevard and Alta Drive. Two suspects were taken into custody.

In response to that shooting, Sheriff Joe Lombardo mandated Friday that officers now ride in pairs. Metro sergeants say Sunday’s shooting suspect was subdued in part because of the new rule.


“[The policy] is more or less not just because of safety concerns,” said Sgt. John Sheahan, “but because it gives our officers a chance to decompress, talk to each other while they’re driving around and just give them that extra measure of reassurance.”

Watch the news report, via KTNV:

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109 thoughts on “Another police ambush; Las Vegas cop shot while stopped at red light

  1. FAAQ2 says:

    Nate Higgers !

    1. tbird90sc says:

      Nathaniel Higgers does have a Faceboiok acount.

  2. LadyImpactOhio says:

    Where’s Señor Reid? That’s his territory.

  3. Satan says:

    I didn’t see if the ‘suspect’ was an Africoon American?!

  4. Josef Roesler says:

    Open season on whites…

  5. Mary Brown says:

    Time to bring back hanging in the public square in cases with solid evidence like this. Quick trial, march them out the door and string them up. No appeal needed!

  6. Poppo says:

    No serious wounds to the policemen, but America is mortally wounded yet again.

  7. ElderAmbassador says:

    Why bother taking the perp into custody? Shoot his azz and leave him in a ditch on the outskirts of town. Coyotes need to eat too!

  8. Elaine Farrell says:

    When the name/photo of the perp is withheld, it’s a black… the Justice Dept. mandated no PD or MSM can show black perps in reports…. unless there are multiple witnesses who make it impossible to keep hidden.

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