Hillary wants a ‘commitment pledge’ just to hear her speak; social media mockery erupts

The Hillary Clinton campaign was in full holiday damage control mode on Monday after a reporter tweeted a photo of what appeared to be a pledge the […]

Forget Hillary, THIS is the Trump number to scare hell out of Democrats

The SurveyUSA poll that showed Donald Trump walloping Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup wasn’t even the worst news for the Democrats about a Trump candidacy. The […]

Boy poisoned by pesticides gets some big-time relief from the NFL

A South Florida boy sickened after his home was fumigated got a big surprise Sunday when some big-name Miami Dolphins players visited him in a Miami hospital. […]

Jailed clerk gaining support in gay marriage fight; ‘This woman has done nothing wrong’

A colleague of the Kentucky county clerk imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses is launching a high profile protest to draw attention to her fight, while […]

Fed up cops turn their backs on Obama’s Labor Day visit

President Obama gave a Labor Day speech in Boston about the importance of unions on Monday, but one of the area’s top police union’s didn’t want to […]

open carry
Alabama Supreme Court reverses conviction on open carry law; what does it mean?

In a victory for Second Amendment supporters, the Alabama Supreme Court has struck down a state law prohibiting the open carry of firearms on private property owned […]

Liberal linguistics prof thinks he knows what Sarah Palin’s ‘speak American’ is all about

During her interview Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had some advice for recent immigrants to the United […]

She’s got legs! Houston model claims title of longest legs in America

With legs that measure 49” from her hip to the heel of her foot, a 26-year-old Texas woman stands above the crowd as America’s leggiest woman. Houston […]

Video: Woman jumps out of moving car, walks away as it careens into oncoming traffic

A California woman caused a bizarre accident on a busy road by jumping out of her car and allowing it to roll into oncoming traffic, and it […]

Free pizza all month for cops in one NJ town: ‘We respect and appreciate all you do!’

A pizzeria owner in New Jersey is doing his part to show police officers a slice of appreciation. Rick DeLorenzo, who owns DeLorenzo’s Pizza in the state […]

Dad locks up daughter’s clothes, jewelry, make-up until she pays off $500 phone bill

A Virginia father gave his daughter a huge dose of tough love after she presented him with her phone bill exceeding $500 — he locked up all […]

Federal judge upholds controversial ‘papers, please’ law, allowing cops to check immigration status

A federal judge Friday upheld a controversial 2010 Arizona law, commonly known as “papers, please,” which allows law enforcement officers to check on the immigration status of […]

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