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Sting! Perfect slap-down for CNN host who called jailed clerk an American ‘Taliban’

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The head of a conservative organization dedicated to traditional marriage had no problems handling a CNN host’s incendiary question that compared a county clerk who opposes gay marriage to Islamic fascists in Afghanistan.

In this case, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, it’s the American government that’s acting like the tyrants overseas.

CNN host Michael Smerconish asked his viewers Saturday if Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was  jailed Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses due to her religious stance against same-sex marriages, should be compared to the Taliban.

“Is this woman in jail because she’s being denied her religious freedom, or is she more like an American version of the Taliban?”

Though that could have been taken as an intentional over-the-top teaser to draw viewers in,  Smerconish maintained the position when he brought Perkins on board.

When Perkins reminded the host that “for millions of Americans, their faith is like a GPS that guides every turn that they take,” Smerconish responded, “But respectfully, it reminds me of that which we are fighting overseas.”

Perkins’ answer was perfect.

“A little over a year ago, I was working to advocate the release of a young woman who was imprisoned by her Third World government for her religious faith in Sudan,” he said. “Little did I know that a little over a year later, I’d be advocating for a woman in the United States of America jailed by her own government for her orthodox Christian views.”

Here’s the interview, via CNN.


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