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‘Scary time for law enforcement’: Sheriff warns off-duty cops how to avoid being targets

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090515_lewisIt has come to this, and still not a word from the White House.

While polls show most Americans support law enforcement, a Maryland sheriff said police badges have become targets.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis appeared Saturday on Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters,” and made it clear the anti-cop hostility driven by the increasingly violent hate group Black Lives Matter has resulted in a volatile time for police.

“It’s a scary, scary time for law enforcement,” Lewis said.

So scary that Lewis took the extraordinary step of sending out an email urging his deputies not to wear anything that might identify them as law enforcement while off-duty. It’s a measure he felt was needed to protect the lives of his officers and their families.

In America.

And Lewis is not mincing his words on what created this hostile environment.

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“You’ve got a certain segment of society that is very defiant, they hate law enforcement,” he said. “And this Black Lives Matter movement has perpetuated the violence we see here lately.”

Lewis offered a powerful statement on the effect this environment is having on those charged with maintaining law and order in America.

“We’ve got police officers right now who are hesitating to do their jobs and hesitating to use deadly force, and when you hesitate, you die,” the sheriff said. “There are cemeteries across this country that are full of great cops who hesitated to pull that trigger and died.”

A scenario that played out recently in Alabama, where an officer admitted he hesitated to use force on a suspect because he did not want to be accused of killing an unarmed man and was pistol-whipped with his own weapon — Black Lives Matter supporters celebrated on social media by posting photos of him unconscious on the ground.

Tom Tillison


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