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‘Jailhouse Prayer Rally’ salutes jailed clerk’s ‘backbone to stand up to wickedness’

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Hundreds of supporters rallied for embattled Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis Saturday, bringing signs and demanding her release from prison.

Gathered at a “Jailhouse Prayer Rally” in Grayson, some in the crowd of about 200 chanted “Thank you, Kim, Thank you, Kim,” for the Rowan County Clerk, behind bars on contempt of court charges stemming from her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

“There is no law that requires her to grant a marriage license to people of the same sex,” attorney Michael Peroutka, founder of the Institute on the Constitution, told NBC News. “The Court has had many opinions … but they are not law.”

Stanford University law professor Jeffrey Fisher disagreed, telling NBC News “a Supreme Court decision is the law. Full stop.”

“When the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution, the Supreme Court’s words become the law,” he added.

But that meant little to her supporters, one of whom had a sign that read “Kim Davis for President.”

“How many of you are thankful that we actually have somebody who has a backbone to stand up against wickedness in high places,” the Rev. Randy Smith asked the crowd.

Plenty of pictures of the rally were made public on social media.

Carmine Sabia


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