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2 top cops call out Black Lives Matter; ‘media propaganda’ putting America at ‘tipping point’

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FNS_Police_640The top law enforcement officers of two American cities on Sunday denounced a “relentless propaganda war” against cops that’s putting America at a “tipping point.”

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to warn the country against the Black Lives Matter movement and a false narrative on policing in America coming from the media.

.Flynn spoke about the concerning issues that have lead to police being targeted.

“One of them is the relentless propaganda war being waged against American police officers by our network television stations,” he said. “It’s been most distressing to watch them try to link six or eight questionable video recordings of police misconduct and turn that into a national narrative of what the state of police community relations are.”

“It’s a false construct, but it is a dangerous one,” he added.

Ramsey addressed the tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement,  saying it’s “ignorant” for protesters to be spouting violent rhetoric like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

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“The people who are serious in this movement are missing an opportunity to really make a difference,” Ramsey said. “If all you want to do is get up during a meeting and yell and scream and shout, and then walk out, you’re not going to get too far because there’s no opportunity for dialogue.”

He added that there should be a focus on the real issues driving crime, and on black-on-black crime, to see positive change in minority communities.

As for communities trusting police less, Flynn rejected that argument.

“One of the great myths is that there is some dramatic breakdown in trust between the people at the grassroots level and their police,” he said. “It’s a canard.”

Flynn went on to say that those relationships are “much, much healthier than any national network would have you believe.”

“There are hundreds of thousands of interactions that occur between police and community every day that you don’t know about because they went absolutely well,” Ramsey added.

He said the media doesn’t report this, saying these incidents are “overshadowed” by a focus on a few incidents of police misconduct.

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