Mystery man takes over mics at jailed clerk press conference: ‘I’m warning you . . . ‘

A mysterious supporter of a Kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses says the nation is doomed because of its sinfulness.

The man, with a long beard and displaying religious-themed signs, approached microphones set up for a press conference for Kim Davis‘ attorneys, and spoke in her support.

Addressing a gaggle of reporters, he warned that “destruction is coming on America,” and continued to speak about the law and religion minutes before Davis’ attorneys were scheduled to speak, according to TheBlaze.


“When they’re willing and able to arrest someone, it’s called tyranny,” he said, then going into religious matters. “We’re all gonna die. The word of God says, ‘Your life is like a vapor’ … we never know when we’re going to die.”

He continued on his religious theme.

“This country was formed as a Christian nation,” he said, seemingly warning about the cost of sin. “I’m warning you: destruction is coming on America.”

Then he launched into his understanding of the law.

“The law by the Constitution says only Congress and the people they represent makes the laws,” he continued. “No judge can make the law … there is one law giver, and that’s God.”

A man matching the description of the mysterious stranger spoke briefly of his support for Davis to WKYT-TV on Friday.

“Kudos to her for her stand, because, like I said, she would be disobeying the law if she did marry them,” he said. “She’s standing on her religious right.”


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