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Dim-witted liberal student brilliantly punked and he didn’t have a clue

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flagA student leader who hates the American flag was being interviewed by political satirist Ami Horowitz and was too dense to realize how thoroughly he was being satirized.

Matthew Guevera gained “fame” earlier this year when he successfully petitioned to have the American flag removed from the University of California, Irvine, student lounge, saying Old Glory stood for hate speech and its presence created a “hostile environment.”

Horowitz ran with that.

“What people don’t understand is, sometimes, to be inclusive you have to exclude things you don’t like,” Horowitz said with a straight face, setting up his prey brilliantly.

“Exactly,” Guevara replied in earnest. “Exactly. That’s one thing that I tried to hit on in the legislation, that sometimes you have to exclude things.”

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As hilarious as it was, the exchange was a sad, sad reflection on today’s youth.

Guevara went on to equate the Stars and Stripes with the Islamic State flag and the Nazi flag, and when asked to identify evil in the world, he answered with a smile, “The U.S.”

Horowitz methodically dissected Guevera piece by piece, getting him to acknowledge that he had benefited because his parents migrated to the United States from Mexico and that he takes advantage of government scholarship money to pay for his education.

“Why not say no to, essentially, American blood money?” Horowitz asked.

“It’s kind of using — I don’t really agree with it — but it’s using the tools of the system to bring down the system,” the ungrateful zealot replied.

The interview wraps up with a hilarious reference to the adult animated sitcom “South Park” that you do not want to miss.

Well done, Horowitz. Well done.

Watch the video:

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