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Cop’s wife creates movement to push back at Black Lives Matter; response is ‘overwhelming’

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aarons-sherri-tracyWhile Black Lives Matter activists march around the country chanting slogans such as “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” a movement that began in Mansfield, Texas, is fighting back.

But these activists are not shouting disgusting slogans. They’re handing out blue ribbons.

Sherri Aaron and her husband, Mansfield Police Chief Tracy Aaron, appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend Sunday to explain why they felt the need to start what they call the Blue Ribbon Movement.

With all of the media attention drawn to the Black Lives Matter movement, it was time for “the majority of people who support law enforcement” to be heard, Sherri Aaron told co-hosts Clayton Morris and Anna Kooiman.

Tracy Aaron said recruitment into police ranks has fallen as the Black Lives Matter movement has gained steam and police deaths have risen. He said social media cause people to react negatively toward law enforcement after shootings by police officers.

“It happens so fast with social media now that the information is out there before there’s even time to investigate an incident,” he said.

Sherri Aaron said community response to the Blue Ribbon Movement has been “overwhelming.”

After a local TV appearance promoting the effort, she and the chief went out for breakfast. Before they could even find a seat, “the waitress came over and said, ‘Order whatever you want; somebody has already bought your breakfast.'”

Watch the interview via Fox News:


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