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Report: US intelligence passed up buying Clinton emails on black market

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kelly-MartoskoHillary Clinton may have helped America’s enemies even more than her critics have charged.

It’s now clear just how insecure her emails were when she was secretary of state: they reportedly were for sale on the black market — and the Obama administration did nothing about it.

Daily Mail political editor David Martosko told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Thursday that although a U.S. intelligence agency was aware during the summer that an eastern European had the emails up for sale, its agents lacked permission to obtain them.

Martosko explained that the person offering the emails for sale more than likely obtained them via Romanian hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel from the account of longtime Clinton friend and adviser Sidney Blumenthal.

“The real story from our point of view is that somebody in the Obama administration’s intelligence apparatus had the opportunity to obtain these emails over the summer, and they passed on it,” Martosko said on “The Kelly File.”

It was all politics.

“Somebody said no. They didn’t want at that point in time to risk casting Hillary Clinton in a bad light.”

But that was during the summer, when Clinton’s popularity was high. Had the offer come today, while she’s fighting claims of untrustworthiness, the decision might have been different, Martosko told Kelly.

#Watch the interview, via Fox News.


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