Police recruitment plummets as cops are ‘sitting ducks’: ‘Who needs this?’

charlesThe Obama era of “hope and change” is driving good, qualified people away from police work as a career.

Sheriffs from across the nation are reporting the number of police recruits is plummeting, Fox News.com reported.

“I saw all this anti-cop propaganda and I was like, ‘Who needs this?’” said Antonio, a New Yorker who asked Fox News to use only his first name.

Antonio had already been accepted to the New York City Police Department’s academy, but withdrew his candidacy because of the nation’s current anti-police climate.

According to Fox News, Antonio is not alone.

Jonathan Thompson, executive director of the National Sheriffs Association, said national recruitment is “way down” and told Fox that some sheriffs have reported a 50 percent reduction in the number of applicants.

While overall police deaths are down from last year, the numbers don’t account for officers who were specifically targeted just for wearing the uniform – a number that by all indications is rising.

“We have to fight the bad guys,” Sgt. Delroy Burton, chairman of the D.C. Police Union in Washington, told Fox.

According to Burton, a Jamaican-born former U.S. Marine, recruitment numbers and morale are the worst he’s ever seen. Burton told Fox News his police force is understaffed and he’s “seen nearly 600 officers resign in the past 19 months.”

“We’re sitting ducks,” Burton said. “We’re in these uniforms, brightly colored cars, and there’s nothing we can do.”


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