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Mississippi cop comes to tears, voids speeding ticket when driver offers gift of compassion

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A sign of hope for America comes from an emotional and spontaneous exchange of kindness between two strangers: a white man pulled over for speeding and a black state trooper.

Mike Powers was afraid he was going to be late for a special work assignment as he was driving from Nashville, Tennessee, to Mississippi on Thursday. Neither man knew how their lives would change for the better when Powers was pulled over by Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Jason Ales.

Tired of all the “negativity, hate and division” in today’s society, Powers wrote about the powerful exchange on Facebook. The story is going viral, and for good reason:

powers post


After Powers’ post took off, he followed up with a video that can be seen here to assure skeptics that the exchange really did happen.

Powers also said he thinks the interaction was no accident. In the video, Powers explains that the night before he met Ales, he was reading the Bible and sincerely and humbly asked God how he could be an agent of change.

WJTV News picked up the story and interviewed Ales.

“I was so touched by it, I almost teared up there,” he told the station.

“I gave this man a ticket, now worth maybe $200-something, but still out of his kindness he wanted to give me something,”

“With the stuff that’s going on with officers, that right there was so positive, we needed that, I mean I needed that,” Ales said.

Judging from the wild popularity of their story, all Americans needed that.


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