Libs discover evil secret reason McDonald’s decided to offer breakfast 24/7

Some people have waited their entire lives for it, and Egg McMuffin lovers and McGriddle connoisseurs from coast to coast rejoiced when McDonald’s announced it would offer its delicious breakfast options from opening until closing beginning Oct. 6.

What could be better than a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit for dinner? Brilliant, right?

Not everyone thinks so.

Leave it to the liberal blue meanies at to analyze McDonald’s decision and debate the “ramifications.”

Vox proudly posted its Mickey-D musings on Twitter, and warned social media users that the restaurant chain’s decision to expand its menu options could stem from that “evil” thing called capitalism.

That’s right, one of the biggest, most successful enterprises ever launched on planet Earth may actually be thinking about making a buck on the deal.

Stop the presses!

Tweeters were out in force to “thank” Vox for its astounding conclusion, and like clockwork the mockery rolled:

The question is, do Vox readers know they’re being talked down to? The article’s message is a simple read-and-repeat, “Profit bad, breakfast sandwiches good. Breakfast sandwiches should be free!”

But there are still too many realists around to let Vox get away with it.



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