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Fiorina gets opportunity to rub ‘gotcha’ question in Trump’s face

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carly-donaldCarly Fiorina stopped and thought for a minute. Donald Trump did not.

After Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, accused conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt of asking him a “gotcha” question on foreign policy, fellow GOP presidential candidate Fiorina seemed to field the same question with little difficulty.

When Hewitt asked Trump about Gen. Qasem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Quds Force, the billionaire real estate developer seemed to confuse it with the Iraqi Kurds.

“Well, that is a ‘gotcha’ question, though, you know, when you’re asking me whose running this, this, this,” Trump finally said.

Later in the evening, Hewitt asked Fiorina the same question: whether she knew of Soleimani.

After giving a hesitant affirmative answer, she asked Hewitt what specifically he wanted to know about the Iranian general. The radio host asked the candidate whether the Iran nuclear agreement would have any effect on the Quds Force’s behavior.

Once she got that, she was off to the races.

“Of course. There’s no doubt. There’s no doubt,” she said, and then got to specifics:

Look, we know that the general of the Quds force has been a powerful tool of the Iranian regime to sow conflict. We also know that the Quds forces are responsible for the deaths and woundings of American soldiers. We also know that the Quds forces have been in Syria and a whole bunch of other countries in the Middle East. The Iranian deal – which sadly, has just been approved by Congress – starts a massive flow of money, and that money is going to be used not only to build up an Iranian nuclear weapon – which they have been hell-bent on getting for 30 years – that money is also going to go to the Quds forces, going to go Hezbollah. It’s going to go to all of Iran’s proxies, which is why I’ve said to you on other occasions, Hugh, that we have to stop the money flow. And even if Congress had succeeded in stopping this deal – which we now know they have not – the reality is that China and Russia and European money are already flowing to Quds forces among proxies. And that’s why I’ve said I’d cut off the money flow by letting the supreme leader know that, hey, there’s a new deal, and we’re going to make it as hard as possible for you to move money around the global financial system so that we cut off the money flow from the Iranian regime to whomever, including the Quds force.

That’s when Hewitt let Fiorina in on what he’d done.

“That’s the same basic question set that I posed to Donald Trump that he objected to,” he told her. “Do you think that’s ‘gotcha?’ Because I don’t want to do that at the debate, I don’t want to put people in the position of not knowing names and dates, but I do worry that people have a general grasp of Islamist radicalism.”

She said she didn’t “think they’re ‘gotcha’ questions at all.”

Listen to the interview below:


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