Edward Snowden has something to say about Hillary’s private server and she’s not gonna’ like it


Another person who should know is suggesting that Hillary Clinton has jeopardized national security.

Edward Snowden says the Democratic presidential front-runner’s private email server presents a real security problem.

Whether you consider the former National Security Agency whistle-blower a traitor or a hero, he’s an expert on the security of information stored in electronic files.

He said that if any underling had been as cavalier as Clinton in handling email messages, the staffer likely would have faced criminal charges.

“This is a problem because anyone who has the clearances that the secretary of state has, or the director of any top-level agency has, knows how classified information should be handled,” he told Al Jazeera on Thursday in an interview scheduled for a later airing.

“If an ordinary worker at the State Department or the Central Intelligence Agency … were sending details about the security of the embassies, which is alleged to be in her email, meetings with private government officials, foreign government officials and the statements that were made to them in confidence over unclassified email systems, they would not only lose their jobs and lose their clearance, they would very likely face prosecution for it,” Snowden said.

He also lashed out at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for calling him a “total traitor” earlier this summer.

“It’s very difficult to respond in a serious way to any statement that’s made by Donald Trump,” he said.

Snowden wouldn’t explicitly say whether Clinton endangered national security by using her private server, but said: “What I can say is when the unclassified systems of the United States government regularly get hacked, the idea that someone keeping a private server in the remodeled bathroom of a server farm in Colorado is more secure is completely ridiculous.”

A report emerged Thursday that at least some of Clinton’s emails had been hacked and were offered for sale on the black market.

Watch an excerpt of the interview here:


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