Obama aide resigns for shooting at cop boyfriend — news blackout can’t silence social media

Imagine a White House staffer resigning after being charged with assault for grabbing a police officer’s weapon and firing it at him.

Such a story would certainly dominate the news cycle for days on end — except it didn’t. Not even with an added sexual overtone.

WJLA reported on Wednesday:

Tuesday, prosecutors said a White House staffer had been indicted on assault and other charges following a dispute with a U.S. Capitol Police officer at her home.

Prince George’s County say 37-year-old Singletary got into an argument with a U.S. Capitol Police officer after an alleged sexual encounter. Singletary then grabbed the officer’s service weapon from a bag and fired once in his direction. No one was injured.


It doesn’t get much more scandalizing than that. But, other than a handful of media sources, there’s been a virtual blackout of the story since Singletary was arrested several weeks back, according to the Weekly Standard.

In comparison, the Weekly Standard reminds us of the media uproar over the Republican congressional staffer who had criticized President Obama’s daughters on Facebook in December.

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on killing white cops and ‘crackers’ in chilling viral video

There’s good reason why Obama continues to feel as if the sky’s the limit, despite one failed policy after another.

While the reaction on social media recognized the double standard at play in the media, there seemed to be an overriding urge to have a little fun with the story — after all, laughter does beat crying.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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