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Krauthammer: Obama’s America leaving cops distracted, ‘defenseless’

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krauthammerEchoing a belief held by many who feel President Obama has played an active role in the development of an anti-cop sentiment in America, Charles Krauthammer said the president instinctively sides against law enforcement.

With police looking over their shoulders, Krauthammer charged that law enforcement officers across the country question whether Obama and federal authorities have their backs.

Appearing Wednesday on Fox News “Special Report,” the syndicated columnist pointed to where it all began — Cambridge, Massachusetts — where Obama interjected himself into a local matter to say police “acted stupidly” in arresting belligerent Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

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“That’s a message that the police have received,”  Krauthammer said. “They’ve seen what happened in Baltimore, where [police] were essentially left unprotected.”

A message that is having a deadly effect.

“There is a reason these murder rates are going up,” Krauthammer said. “That is because we’re having a slow motion police strike, where police are either not going into neighborhoods, or are pulling away in a dangerous incident or confrontation.”

Police are distracted, Krauthammer said,  with wondering how their actions might look on video and how they might play out in the media and in the legal system.

“Once you have to add that factor, the policeman is defenseless,” he concluded.

Tom Tillison


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