Kentucky clerk JAILED for refusing same sex marriages — and she’s a DEMOCRAT!

A Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples on religious grounds was jailed Thursday by a federal judge who found her in contempt of court.

And Kim Davis will remain in custody until she starts obeying the court no matter what her religious beliefs are, District Judge David Bunning ruled.

“Her good-faith belief is simply not a viable defense,” Bunning said, according to USA Today. “Oaths mean things.”

The saga of Rowan County’s elected clerk has transfixed much of the media in recent weeks, with Davis being painted as a tool of the American right for her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses to gay couples on religious grounds despite a Supreme Court ruling ordering her to do so.

But there’s one big problem with that – Davis is a Democrat.

The progressive online blog, Salon may be the first to be called out on the fact that Kim Davis’ political affiliation belongs to the Democrats.

Davis beat out Republican John Cox in 2014 for the county clerk position. But that won’t stop progressives from spinning the story with headlines that make her seem like a fringe right-wing lunatic.

Take for instance, Talking Points Memo’s recent publication titled, “Why the Kentucky Clerk’s Last Stand won’t make her a Right-Wing Hero.” TPM uses the entire article to tie Davis to conservatives and even goes on to say that Davis’ actions is “a sign that conservatives will never give up on this issue.”

What conservatives? Where? Again, Davis is a Democrat.

Perhaps a more honest headline would have been something like, “Why Democrat Kentucky clerk’s last stand makes her part of growing movement concerned about religious liberty.”

But don’t hold your breath that will happen any time soon. In the meantime, social media users are getting busy setting the record straight.


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