US tourists pick up dinner tab for Israeli soldiers; why were the Americans grateful?

An Israeli soldier and his comrades were overwhelmed with gratitude when an American family traveling in Israel quietly picked up the bill for their dinner, saying he […]

Hillary’s dirty laundry: Huma made more than the president, but it STILL wasn’t enough

Nearly half a million dollars just isn’t enough for people doing Hillary’s dirty work. A new email released by the State Department quotes Hillary Clinton’s top aide […]

Rahm Emanuel run off stage by angry protesters playing by Chicago rules

Chicago mayor and former presidential wingman, Rahm Emanuel was finally getting around to addressing the Windy City’s abysmal financial situation when a group of angry protesters showed […]

Female cop stops to help motorist, barely survives attack on her life

She was just doing her job: To protect and to serve. Wednesday night another police officer was attacked — this time in Pennsylvania; this time a female […]

SC’s Nikki Haley calls out Black Lives Matter — for terrorizing the blacks they claim to help

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called out the Black Lives Matter movement for its role in perpetuating violence in the riot-racked cities of Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore […]

Krauthammer: Obama’s America leaving cops distracted, ‘defenseless’

Echoing a belief held by many who feel President Obama has played an active role in the development of an anti-cop sentiment in America, Charles Krauthammer said the […]

Kentucky clerk JAILED for refusing same sex marriages — and she’s a DEMOCRAT!

A Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples on religious grounds was jailed Thursday by a federal judge who found her […]

Arby’s apology NOT accepted; police union furious as details about anti-cop incident come out

Despite an apology from the fast food company, a South Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of the Arby’s restaurant chain after a police officer […]

Mike Rowe brings new life to Paul Harvey’s video salute to the ‘Policeman’

In light of the recent ambushes, attacks and assassinations of police officers, “Dirty Jobs” host and work ethic promoter Mike Rowe wants everyone to check out a […]

white house
Obama aide resigns for shooting at cop boyfriend — news blackout can’t silence social media

Imagine a White House staffer resigning after being charged with assault for grabbing a police officer’s weapon and firing it at him. Such a story would certainly […]

Black Lives Matter activist behind bars for threat to KILL ALL THE WHITE PPL

Black Lives Matter activists are finally learning an important lesson the hard way: You cannot go around threatening people’s lives and not expect to be arrested. Authorities […]

Chinese WARSHIPS cruise off Alaska coast — and Obama was doing what?

It’s hard to know if President Obama was aware of what was going on around him as he gallivanted around Alaska renaming mountains and taking selfies. It […]