Social media explodes with accusations of racism over Taylor Swift’s new video

Even pop princess and all-around goodie-two-shoes Taylor Swift isn’t good enough for 2015, with a new Swift video release being plagued by charges of racism from all the usual quarters.

The video for her song “Wildest Dreams” was released Sunday, and since then has garnered over 10 million views but not everyone is thrilled with it.


Swift colored her hair black for the video, which depicts and old 1940s Hollywood romance as Swift and actor Scott Eastwood find love while filming a movie in Africa, but drift apart when they return to the United States.


Shot in Ethiopia, the video is chock full of beautiful scenes and imagery, with elephants, giraffes, lions and other wildlife. It ends with a message stating that all of Swift’s proceeds from the video will go to the African Parks Foundation of America for its wild animal conservation efforts in Africa.

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift

But that wasn’t good enough for the perpetually victimized, who blasted the video for “cultural appropriation,” its all-white cast and promotion of colonialism of 1940s Africa which in the minds of these delusional nitwits makes Swift a racist.

Then again, being white and rich on its own probably made her a racist in their minds already.

Here’s a sampling of some of the lunacy from social media.

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