‘Pigs in a blanket’ chant was taken out of context, intended to be ‘playful’ . . . ‘breakfast recipes’

A chant about dead cops just needs a little context, according to a Black Lives Matter organizer.

A representative for the group that marched on the Minneapolis State Fair told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Tuesday that the chant protesters were shouting – “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” – was simply taken out of context.

The controversial chant was just good-natured humor, according to Trahern Crews, an organizer for the march and candidate for the Saint Paul, Minnesota, city council, according to Twitchy.

“I want to put that chant in context,” Crews told Hayes. “It was more playful than anything.”

After all, what’s more playful than joking about dead cops hours after a Texas sheriff’s deputy is gunned down in uniform, right?

Crews also claimed that at least one of the police officers escorting the protest found the humor in the activists’ antics, replying to the crowd that “everyone likes bacon.”

True…. Most people like bacon. But far fewer people have apparently bought into the notion that chants about dead cops can somehow be “put in context.”

If chanting for more dead cops is considered “playful” by Black Lives Matter activists, what happens when they’re serious?

Then again, maybe it’s all just one big misunderstanding… 


Michael Schaus


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