Hillary is Bush’s ‘sister-in-law’: Trump strikes Jeb back, and boy is it a GOOD PUNCH

It’s like Donald Trump has these videos sitting on his thumb drive, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Jeb Bush should know by now that when […]

Trump vs. Carson: What happens when they go head to head?

Donald Trump and Ben Carson–two Washington outsiders seeking the presidency who will eventually go head-to-head, according to White House correspondent and political pundit Tommy Christopher. Christopher wrote […]

Mom pulls gun on teens in park for bullying her son, teen dares her to shoot him

Bringing a gun to a fistfight is always a good idea, but this mom may have gone too far. The mother of a 15-year-old boy pointed a […]

‘Pigs in a blanket’ chant was taken out of context, intended to be ‘playful’ . . . ‘breakfast recipes’

A chant about dead cops just needs a little context, according to a Black Lives Matter organizer. A representative for the group that marched on the Minneapolis […]

Students stage massive walkout over transgender student’s demand to use girl’s bathroom

Students at a Missouri high school, fed up with politically correct idiocy, staged a massive walkout to protest the school’s decision to allow a transgender “girl” to […]

Angry Megyn Kelly compares left’s condemnation of ENTIRE Tea Party, but love of violent Black Lives Matter

Fox News host Megyn Kelly may be the only person in America who recalls the uproar by Democrats and their media allies over the supposed uncivil rhetoric of […]

Family of Kate Steinle suing government for Kate’s death; watch emotional announcement

The family of Kate Steinle is suing government agencies they hold responsible for the death of their daughter at the hands of an illegal immigrant. Steinle’s family […]

Black supremacist SERIOUSLY declares open season on killing white cops and ‘crackers’ in chilling viral video

“It’s open season on killing white people and crackers,” according to self-described black supremacist, King Noble. And his video call-to-arms is rapidly going viral. In his chilling […]

Clinton Email
Send classified info to ‘my personal email,’ Hillary instructed diplomat for Middle East in writing!

Things keep getting worse for Hillary Clinton the more her emails are examined. Republican strategist Rory Cooper combed through some of them Tuesday and discovered that the […]

Pro-life Flag
Florida Five: St. Pete flies gay flag – refuses pro-life flag, Rapper Pitbull named tourism ambassador

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips, plus a new law would allow good Samaritans to free dogs trapped in hot cars.