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Fiorina, Levin at odds over Kentucky clerk refusing to issue gay marriage licenses

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Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has sided against a Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses for gay couples and received immediate pushback from conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt show, Fiorina said that even though she disagrees with the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage, as a paid government employee the Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis — coincidentally an elected Democrat, must “execute the government’s will.”

“I think in this particular case this woman now needs to make a decision of conscience. Is she prepared to continue to work for the government, be paid for by the government?” Fiorina asked. “Or does she feel so strongly about this that she wants to sever her employment with the government and go seek employment elsewhere?”

Levin argued that Fiorina and conservatives should rally around Davis and condemn the Supreme Court’s activist decision like Democrats do when a decision goes against them.

“If she were of the left and it was a different circumstance they’d be rallying around her and so would the media,” Levin said.

“If the clerk were told you cannot issue a marriage certificate if there are different races,” he asked, would she “be told ‘do your job or quit?’”

Listen to both clips below and tell us who you agree with.

h/t: RightScoop.

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